With schools going virtual, should kids have a dress code at home?

WATCH: With schools going virtual, should kids have a dress code at home?

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — An Illinois school district banned pajamas for students taking classes online and with many Mid-South districts starting the year virtually, FOX13 talked with local parents.

“She can wear whatever she wants as long as it’s appropriate,” said one Memphis mother.

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“He’s at home, but he’s at school, so we want to continue to have that full implementation,” said another Memphis mother.

FOX13 talked with Dr. Cynthia Cross from LeBonheur’s Children’s Hospital.

From brushing their teeth to picking out an outfit, she said setting a routine for your kids is valuable.

Cross said this can help kids shift their mindset to prepare for learning.

“It gives it the importance that you want, because it is important to learn, and you’re not just playing on the computer. You’re actually doing school work, and you wouldn’t got to school in your PJs,” said Cross.

Cross said setting a routine can also help ease a child’s anxiety because virtual learning is new for many families.

“I think sometimes kids will feel anxiety. In fact, many times when they don’t know what to expect and a routine and sticking to that gives them something to expect. Sort of that barometer that means they think well everything is still ok,” she said.

If you haven’t decided either way, Dr. Cross suggests letting your child wear pajamas for one week, and then school outfits for the next week and see if it makes a difference.