Woman arrested after Hernando officer-involved shooting

HERNANDO, Miss. — New information on an officer-involved shooting in Hernando following what police say was a home invasion.

Tanya Berryman of Hernando has been arrested in the case.

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Neighbors told FOX13 that Berryman, at one point, overpowered police.

Sandra Tapia, a neighbor, said she saw part of what happened out of her window from two houses down.

”I see from my window, I saw a lot of police and detectives and I saw the lady who lived in the house,” Tapia said.

According to police, Berryman, the police officer and the homeowner were in the home when Berryman began assaulting the police officer.

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Police said the officer fired his weapon as Berryman was assaulting him; the officer missed.

Berryman, according to police, fled into David Blackwell’s yard one street over.

”My daughter said, ‘Daddy look’ and there was a girl trying to sneak through my ditch and when I hollered she took off and tried to climb in that pipe and they caught her and she fought like crazy,” Blackwell said.

Police told us that Berryman didn’t appear to know where she was.

”The first time they tased her, it was like it supercharged her. She threw two cops completely off; so they tased her again and then she went down,” Blackwell said.

Berryman is facing charges of simple assault on an officer, resisting arrest and trespassing.