Woman feels blessed after bullet falls through ceiling but leaves her uninjured

HORN LAKE, Miss. — A DeSoto County woman says careless celebration by someone with a gun wound up with her getting hit in the head with a bullet over the holiday weekend.

FOX13 spoke to the Horn Lake resident, who says she’s wasn’t hurt, but the bullet that came through her roof left her rattled.

The bullet hole is still in the ceiling of Conswayda Merrit’s home. It came through the roof and then hit her. Fortunately, she wasn’t injured.

”I was sitting here on my laptop, my tablet and hearing fireworks going off, and all of a sudden I heard a boom, and something hit me real hard on my head, and I grabbed my head, and I see all the white ceiling popcorn was on my bed and on my table and that is where it came here. The bullet hole.” Merrit said.

Merritt said she moved from the front of the house to the bedroom because she thought she would be safer.

”I am scared of fireworks, and I don’t like them, so I came on to my bedroom, which I thought coming to the back of the house would be safe. Evidently, it wasn’t.” Merritt said.

A Horn Lake police detective collected the bullet as evidence, but not before Merrit took a picture of it.

”And then the bullet landed right here on the floor, and this is the white stuff from the ceiling. I swept a little bit of it.” Merritt said.

Merritt said she is blessed she wasn’t seriously injured.

Merritt is a traveling nurse and says people need always to consider other people’s safety.