Woman says man claimed to be deputy, raped her

WATCH: Woman says man claimed to be deputy, raped her

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A man who claimed to be a Shelby County Sheriff’s Deputy forced a woman to have sex with him after he threatened her with a gun.

You won’t see that man’s mugshot because he isn’t currently charged with any crime.

FOX13’s Winnie Wright talked exclusively with the victim Tuesday.

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The victim said the man, whose name we will not use because he has not been charged, raped her after he threatened her with a gun and forced her to record a video on his phone saying, “this isn’t rape.”

She went to the hospital, got a rape kit, and did everything else she knew to do.

Still, detectives told her, they don’t have enough evidence to charge him.

“You’re wasting my time,” said Jakwan Osborne, alleged rape victim. “I came 30 minutes away to come pick you up, just for you to tell me I can’t get none.”

“So, what are you going to do? Is you going to do it or what?' and she showed me the gun.”

Osborne said she met a man we will call "John" on Facebook.

Because "John" told her he was a Shelby County Sheriff’s Deputy, she felt comfortable going on a date with him.

He even showed her a badge.

That date, she said, took a terrifying turn when she told him she wasn’t interested in getting physical.

Osborne said "John" offered to pay her for sex, but she refused.

“He pulled out his phone and said, ‘say this is not rape. Say you want this,’” she said. “I did what I was told because I was scared.”

Winnie asked if she felt like she had a choice.

“After the fact, I kept thinking ‘I could have did this, I could have did that, but at that moment, I froze up,” she said.

After he finished, Osborne said, "John" slipped $40 in her pocket.

She said she left it there for police.

Osborne went to the hospital, gave police a statement, and had a rape kit.

While there, Osborne said, "John" texted her to apologize for what he’d done.

We called the number Osborne had for "John."

The line was disconnected.

Osborn said Memphis Police investigated for three weeks, but investigators told her they didn’t have enough evidence to charge "John."

“He told her he paid for it,” she said. “She says ‘since he paid for it, you can get your $40 back.’ I told her ‘no, I don’t want it.’ that’s dirty money.”

Feeling like she’d never get justice, Osborne posted her story on Facebook.

It has gone viral.

Since then, she said other women have come forward with similar accusations.

“I heard he had about 20 videos in his phone with the same thing,” she said.

We went by john's home this afternoon.

There was a car outside, but no one came to the door.

Osborne said she went public in hopes that this never happens to another woman.

She asks any other women who could be a victim to call police.

The Shelby County Sheriff’s Office told us “John” has never worked for them as a deputy or a corrections officer.

The other badge he had was for the Tennessee Department of Corrections where a spokesperson said he worked from September to November of 2019.

Memphis Police have not responded to our request for more information about why “John” hasn’t been charged.