Woman threatens to shoot grandmother outside of school after being cut in traffic, police say

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A fit of road rage led to a woman spending the night behind bars, according to the Memphis Police Department.

Police said that 25-year-old Tiana Carter was driving one morning in late September when she was accidentally cut off in traffic by a grandmother taking her grandson to Raleigh Bartlett Meadows Elementary School.

Once at the school, Carter began yelling at the grandmother, making threats to shoot her, according to a police affidavit.

A school employee was able to intervene and temporarily defuse the situation, police said, but the incident didn’t stop there.

Police said that Carter followed the grandmother all the way back to her house where she pulled out a black handgun and pointed it at the grandmother, telling her that she would shoot her before taking off.

The grandmother told police that she was in fear for her life and met officers back at the elementary school.

Carter was picked out of a six-person lineup by the grandmother as the person who threatened to shoot her on school property, an identification that was backed up by the school employee that witnessed the event, according to police.

Carter is charged with one count of aggravated assault.