Woman unhappy with pastor’s plea deal after he pushed and kicked her

Watch: Woman unhappy with pastor's plea deal after he pushed and kicked her

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The Pastor, the push, and the plea deal that has a 68-year-old woman outraged. Surveillance video shows a Memphis pastor Keith Robinson kicking Linda Kneeland while she was on the ground.

The judge in the case just last week decided to send Robinson to a diversion program which means no jail time while on probation for 11 months and 29 days.

WATCH: Video shows pastor push woman

Linda Kneeland never got the chance to tell the courts, “no.” Kneeland told FOX 13 she is still in pain from the assault that happened last February. “My knee was broken. I have three screws in my knee and they will be there for the rest of my life” said Kneeland wearing a knee brace and walker as she left the Shelby County Criminal Justice Center. Dr. Kenny Brewer is a friend of the victim. “I see a young and mentally ill man attacking a senior citizen,” said Dr. Kenny Brewer.

According to the arrest affidavit, Kneeland believes hold Robinson was angry because she filed a lawsuit and complaint against his funeral home for not putting headstone on her brother’s grave. Brewer told FOX 13 that is no excuse because “you are a pastor now. You are supposed to take the pressure whatever is said about you.”

The judge decided to give Robinson diversion because he has no criminal record. If the Pastor stays out of trouble for 11 months and 29, the charges will be dropped and his record clean. Kneeland was never at that court hearing because no one told her to show up.

Wednesday she voiced her anger to the prosecutor and judge in a private meeting. “I would have told them no way,” Kneeland told FOX13 . FOX13 asked the District Attorney’s office why didn’t either the prosecutor or the victim services contact Kneeland. A spokesman for DA’s office emailed FOX13 a statement that stated they were lead to believe a Kneeland’s father would speak on her behalf but “we believed the victim was aware of that … and we apologize for any misunderstanding.”

Dr. Brewer told FOX13, “They apologized over and over. That is not the way their office operates. She should have been contacted and she wasn’t.”

FOX13 went to Robinson’s home in Southeast Memphis to ask him why he thinks he deserves diversion and if wanted to apologize to Kneeland. No one answered. FOX13 called and left a message at his family’s funeral home but have not heard back.

Today Kneeland got her chance to voice her anger to the prosecutor and judge in a private meeting but diversion for Robinson won’t change. “Even if she would have spoken, he would have gotten the same thing. A first time offender,” said Dr. Brewer.

Linda Kneeland has hired an attorney and may take Robinson to civil court. Her attorney would not talk to FOX13 about any possible litigation.