Woman works to make sure health care providers have gas and food

WATCH: Woman works to make sure health care providers have food and gas

OXFORD, Miss. — Every day there are more and more people stepping up to help others in this difficult time of COVID-19. One woman told FOX13 she’s helped make a difference for almost a hundred frontline workers from the Mid-South to Chicago.

There’ve been a number of ways that people have stepped in to help medical professionals, law enforcement and other frontline workers, but one woman is going above and beyond to say thank you to those who are fighting COVID-19.

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“It’s a hard time for everybody. Everybody is scared and we’re in a panic mode. We don’t know what to do.” said Pamela Buford Boga.

Boga told FOX13 she understands how hard it is for frontline workers fighting COVID-19.

“It’s hard when you see these people have to get up and go to work and you know their lives are in danger. All you could do is pray for them and ask for help. My husband is a frontline worker," she said.

That’s why in less than a week’s time Boga created ways to help those who are risking their health every day. Through community support she’s given money and filled the gas tanks of more than 80 nurses and other workers. She said them getting to work helps to save so many lives.

“To make sure they don’t have to worry about gas, to make sure they don’t have to worry about food or daycare. Kids are out of school, so I just want to make sure they’re ok too,” Boga said.

Boga has also helped nurses in Chicago. She told FOX13 the goal is to help make things easier for first responders fighting the coronavirus.

“We can’t touch each other and hug each other right now, but we’re together in love," she said.

Boga said she is going to continue to do this for as long as people are willing to help. And she said she’s also planning to create a plan to get meals and other resources to keep supporting.

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