Woman’s apartment covered with mold, on verge of collapse as she awaits repairs

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Memphis woman said regular flooding in her apartment has led to black mold and a floor on the verge of giving out.

It’s the kind of problem we hear about all too often all around Memphis. She’s not the only renter in town going through something like this.

Viewers reach out all the time claiming their leasing office is slow to make repairs or flat out refuse. So what should you do if you’re going through something similar right now?

We got some answers.

“If you step in the laundry room. You can feel the floor giving under your feet,” said Jessie Mosely, Hickory Farms Apartments.

After four years of living in the Hickory Farms Apartments, Jessie Moseley has reached her breaking point.

“Every neighbor that has lived underneath me has put in a complaint. The leaking is coming from my apartment,” said Mosley.

Moseley said the problem is her water heater. It leaks causing flooding in her apartment, black mold and weakened floors.

“What they do is they come up here and stick something down in the hot water heater, drain something out and they leave,” said Mosely.

A quick fix that Mosely said does not solve the issue. Mosely said in July her floors were supposed to be repaired, but three months have passed, and that has not happened.

So we visited the Hickory Farms leasing office, but were told their management company Multi South Management Services would get back to us.

So what can you do it your landlord is slow to make repairs? The first thing you should do is call city code enforcement at 3-1-1 and file a complaint. Once a complaint is received an inspector will investigate.

If they discover an ordinance violation, they’ll notify the owner to fix the issue. A follow-up inspection then follows to make sure the owner made the necessary repairs.

“Code enforcement came two years ago. The problem was supposed to be fixed two years ago. What happened between code enforcement and then? I don’t know, but the problem has not been fixed,” said Mosley.

The management company got back to us. We’re told Mosely was placed in a hotel while repairs are completed. Repairs should take about three days. We’re also told the leasing office reached out to her Friday, Monday and Tuesday, but she didn’t come in until Wednesday. We’re also told repairs were delayed because her daughter had  Covid. We also reached out to the city to speak with code enforcement about their turnaround time, but have not heard back from them.