Woman’s home catches on fire due to neighbor’s Fourth of July fireworks

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Frayser family regrets letting a family member play with fireworks after they say he wound up burning down a neighbor’s house.

FOX13 talked to the homeowner, who said her thirty-year home is a total loss.

“I don’t know. I guess somebody had to be reckless. It must have come from something in the air. We usually try to stay responsible and pop ours in the back,” Larry Porterfield said.

Porterfield lives two houses down from where the fire happened on Skyline Circle in Frayser.

The woman whose home burned down didn’t want to talk on camera. Neither did the neighbor who admitted accidentally setting the house on fire while shooting bottle rockets.

The fire started on the right side of the house, and the family lost everything. They said they would be moving in with family members elsewhere.

Porterfield said he feels for the family.

“Neighbors, you feel the pain of your neighbor because they are displaced. I don’t know where they are going to go. They got to find something until they get stuff straight,” Porterfield said.

While researching fireworks and where you can shoot them, FOX13 found out they are illegal in Olive Branch, Southaven, and Hernando. They are legal in Horn Lake and unincorporated areas of DeSoto County.

Shooting fireworks is legal in Shelby County but illegal in the city limits of Memphis.

They’re legal in West Memphis.

Family members of the person who set off the bottle rocket on Skyline Circle said he had apologized to the family.

Attorneys we spoke with said that if you set off fireworks where they are illegal, and they cause damage, you could be held responsible for the damage.

The Memphis Fire Department is still investigating the cause of the fire in Frayser.

Porterfield said he still wants to know exactly what happened.

“Somebody probably wasn’t supervising. They probably just popping them. It happens,” he said.