The Works Inc. donates to families facing evictions

Watch: The Works Inc. donates to families facing evictions

Memphis,Tenn. — Even after the CDC put a stop to most evictions across the country, countless families still face an uncertain housing future.

As FOX13 reported a few weeks ago more than 9,000 families are at risk of eviction in Memphis.

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One landlord at Alpha Renaissance in South Memphis said she’s not putting anyone out of their homes. Her organization has grant dollars to assist.

“We had, for instance, one young lady who has three young children: twin boys that are four and a daughter that’s one. We’ve provided her with rental assistance,” said Roshun Austin of The Works.

Austin oversees several affordable housing properties in North Memphis, South Memphis and Frayser. So far her organization, The Works Incorporated distributed more than 50-thousand dollars to help families struggling to pay the rent and find food during this pandemic.

“Her situation was unique because she had a job that she wasn’t going to lose, but she has a 1-year-old and two 4-year-olds, the daycare closed, and so she can’t work. She has nowhere to take her young children.”

Some landlords are feeling the impact now that the CDC ordered a national moratorium on evictions, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that renters are automatically protected.

“So a lot of times you’ll see a lot of non-profits like us. We may not have a specific grant, but we earn some revenue through our developers’ fees so we may be taking money out of what we’ve earned and putting it toward assisting tenants,” Austin explained.

That money only goes so far. Austin said this assistance was needed even before the pandemic.

“I think it’s making America face something that us people in affordable housing understood, and if we just come down to Memphis level, we’re down 30,000 plus units.”

Earlier this week, Fox13 News reported Memphis city council approved a resolution that urged Governor Bill Lee to suspend evictions proceedings for the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic.