Year’s best meteor shower peaks this week

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — One of the year’s best meteor shower peaks this week with great viewing conditions expected tonight and Thursday night.

The Perseid meteor shower happens every year during the late summer as Earth crosses the orbital path of the Swift-Tuttle comet.

Debris from the comet passes through Earth’s upper atmosphere at some 130,000 mph which gives us the stellar night show.

This year you could see up to 60 meteors per hour - which is one meteor per minute.

Good news – viewing conditions look great this year for the Mid-South.

The New Moon was on Sunday, so the moon’s light won’t be much of a distraction and sky cover is forecast to be mostly clear with temperatures in the 70s.

You don’t need any special viewing equipment to see the meteor shower. For best viewing, move away from city lights, look toward the northern sky and aim for the hours between midnight and dawn.

Sunrise on Thursday and Friday morning in Memphis is around 6:17 a.m.

Bring a lawn chair or blanket to be able to relax and look up! Give your eyes at least 20 minutes to adjust to the dark sky and enjoy!