“You are loved”: Local woman making sure elders know they’re loved

WATCH: 'You are loved': Local woman making sure elders know they're loved

SOUTHAVEN, Miss. — There can be a lot of negative’s brought on by the coronavirus.

In the midst of the unknown, we have seen a community come together to help those in need.

It’s no different for a north Mississippi woman just looking to spread a little joy during uncertain times.

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Deana Riffe creates yard signs with Sign Gypsy.

Riffe decided to spread some joy at a few senior centers in north Mississippi.

“I like putting a smile on somebody’s face the next day,” Riffe said.

On Tuesday morning, Riffe placed a “You Are Loved” yard sign out for the seniors at Diversicenter in Southaven.

Family members can’t see their loved ones at the center right now because of COVID-19.

That is what led Riffe to place the sign in the yard.

“I had a parent that was in a longtime nursing care and if I think that I couldn’t come see them or give them a hug, it really touched me,” she said. “These residents need to know that they are not forgotten and that they are loved, and their families are waiting to see them again.”

Christie Winstead has a mom in the center she can’t see right now.

It’s the kind gesture of what Riffe has done that puts a smile on her face.

“It makes me feel like the residents are loved like mom is special, because it was started because of her,” said Winstead.

The main goal for Riffe was to make sure that the residents know that they are loved and not forgotten and soon enough, their family members will be back to see them.

“Even in uncertain times when you can’t gather and celebrate, it still lets somebody know that they’re being thought of,” Winstead said.

If you know someone who could use some encouragement, you can go to signgypsy.com and request one.