“You knew she was going to go far": College friend reflect on Amy Barrett’s journey to Supreme Court

MEMPHIS,Tenn. — Now that President Trump has nominated Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court, the nation will get to know her over the next few months.

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But to really get to know her, you have to talk to those who’ve been by her side for years, people like Stacey Heck, “Even at 17,18 years old when we first met she just had this poise and grace and brilliance about her and you knew she was going to go far.”

Heck graduated from Rhodes College with Barrett, they were pledge sisters and Barrett was in her wedding.

She’s ecstatic, but not suprised, her friend could be a Supreme Court Justice, “One of our own, educated at Rhodes College can then go on and get a full scholarship to Notre Dame Law School, graduate number one in her class, had amazing clerkships, her distinguished teaching career and now judicial career. It’s just amazing.”

Heck talks with Barrett several times a year and they met up on a family trip to Notre Dame where Barrett teaches.

In addition to being happy for her friend, Heck is proud of the spotlight put on Rhodes.

Current student, Shane Elder, agreed, “It makes me happy that I have a Rhodes College education. I think we’ll see more Rhodes grads in high profile positions.”

Some students, who disagree with Barrett’s more Conservative views, aren’t as happy to be associated with her nomination.

Student Olivia Zavitson is among those, “Personally, I don’t agree with her beliefs, I don’t agree with her practices personally. I feel like it a dangerous thing to feel like that’s what Rhodes represents and Rhodes believes, because Rhodes students have very diverse beliefs.”

Heck hopes Barrett’s confirmation hearings will alleviate the fears of those who think she will make one sided rulings and she hopes to be there, "Her mutual friend and I already texted her and said, ‘We’re going to come to your confirmation if it happens.’

COVID-19 may scuttle that idea, but Heck says she will at least be watching on television.