Man files lawsuit against Munford Powerball winners

The Powerball jackpot winners from Munford are being sued by a man recently out of prison.

Jonathan Lee Riches claims the winnings of John and Lisa Robinson belong to him. According to a hand-written complaint, he said he was in contact with the winners' daughter while he was locked up.

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“For the last 2.5 years while I was incarcerated I was penpals with Tiffany Robinson,” Riches wrote in the claim.

The letter continues with Riches stating he gave Robinson $20 from his prison fund to buy lottery tickets. He claims the family promised him half the winnings if they hit the jackpot.

He is now requesting his portion of the money, along with a restraining order against the Robinson family.

If you’ve heard of Jonathan Lee Riches before, there is a reason. He is known for filing bizarre lawsuits, like the one against the Robinsons.

In the past, he’s gone after George Bush, Steve Jobs, Britney Spears, the New England Patriots and others.

Most of his lawsuits have been dismissed as frivolous.