MATA fees could affect MLGW customers

MLGW customers could soon be paying Memphis Area Transit Authority's bills.

FOX13 is working to confirm reports that MLGW fees could see a potential increase to support MATA's funding.

MLGW told FOX13 the fee would be appear as a “non-MLGW fee on a bill on behalf of the city and other entities”. In addition, the fees will comprise of about 20 percent or so of the total bill.
MLGW also says if applied, the fee would "only impact residents in the municipality for which the service is provided."They confirmed it would not affect all MLGW customers.
Yesterday, FOX13 spoke with MATA’s CEO Ron Garrison, who told us the financial situation of the company has seen better days.
However, he said the transit system has a plan and short term funding to keep moving forward.

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The reported plan is similar to Austin, Texas', transit system, where residential customers spend $7.00-9.77 a month to support the city’s transit.