Mayor responds to questions from protesters

Following last month's Black Lives Matter Protest that shut down the I-40 Bridge, city officials agreed to host a community meeting the next day at the Greater Imani Church to discuss the concerns of the protesters.

Questions were submitted by those in attendance to Memphis Mayor Jim Strickland, who said he would respond within 30 days. On Wednesday, Strickland posted his answers to those questions on social media.


1. What is your action plan to end police brutality?

Brutality of any kind is not tolerated by MPD or by me. Allegations against any officer are taken

seriously and investigated thoroughly. Any officers who engage in such conduct are disciplined

according to the level of offense and the law.

I’m going to work closely with Director Mike Rallings to offer the best training for our officers,

including cultural diversity and community policing. We’re making positive strides with this

effort. Director Rallings and his staff are dedicated to becoming even more involved with our

community so that stronger relationships are developed.


What are you doing to convict policeman that murder Americans?

MPD has long developed a practice of conducting a thorough investigation into criminal

activity, even when it is an officer. The crime of murder, or any crime, won’t be tolerated by

the department. And if the evidence indicates that an officer has committed a criminal act, the

city will work diligently with the District Attorney General’s office, which is ultimately

responsible for trying any person who is a suspect in a murder case.

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What are you doing to the police that brutally assault our people?

Any officer accused of assault would be subjected to an internal investigation, a possible

criminal investigation, and, if warranted, prosecution.

How do we change the law for convicted felons to vote?

State law allows for convicted felons to regain the right to vote, but it must be done after your

sentence is complete, and you can’t be on probation or parole. People convicted of murder,

rape, treason or voter fraud are not allowed to regain the right to vote. If you want changes to

the law, you could appeal to your state representative.

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2. Why not arrest the officers that’s killing innocent people?

Any person who is accused of murder is subject to the rules of law.

3. What is the solution to black men being stop for no justifiable reason?

The laws surrounding traffic stops are based on state law and the U.S. Constitution. To stop

someone, the law says there has to be reasonable suspicion or probable cause that a traffic

violation or criminal activity has occurred.

I was stopped on a Private lot, searched, humiliated, kicked, and had my motorcycle taken

apart. The officer was searching for drugs with no Probable cause, then he ticketed me for a

defective muffler and the ticket was thrown out.

The law allows an officer to search a vehicle if there is probable cause that a crime was

committed. You have the right to file a complaint with the Internal Affairs Bureau or the DA’s

office if you feel you were mistreated by a police officer.

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4. In 2012, The City hired 3 consultants to look at MPD Policies and hold Town halls. These

men made 70K and where is the report?

What did it say?

Why were these policies not enacted?

If you’re referring to the safety consultants hired by the previous administration, I have limited

information, but the contract is available online at We’re posting the

recommendations on the city’s website, and MPD says that several suggestions are currently in

place. Some of these items include leadership development training sessions, Blue Team

Internal Discipline Management System, stronger relationships with MPD and Memphis

Animal Services, Tasers being utilized by officers, body and dash cams, GPS systems, and

police service technicians.

5. How do we stop these gutless estrocities on our streets?

Violence in our streets and our neighborhoods is too high and cannot be tolerated. City

government is taking action to reduce it, but we also need the community’s help in intervening

in the lives of our young people. This is a national conversation that will require all people to

sit down together and work out a solution to avoid a perpetual cycle of violence. We’re

committed to working through any of the tough issues that face our city with all members of

the community.

6. What are the requirements to serve on CLERG?

You must be nominated by the mayor and approved by the City Council to serve on the CLERB

board. It’s the same requirement for all boards.

What is being done for real oversight of CLERG of the Police?

The City Council is currently in the process of reviewing the CLERB ordinance. There is a legal

question about whether CLERB has subpoena power.

7. What is being done to engage white elite Memphis to hold them accountable? To bridge the

gap, open hearts and minds?

A majority of the citizens in Memphis do have large hearts and are very generous and giving

people. And minds have been changed significantly over recent decades. That has been seen in

our city leadership, with two African-American mayors serving the city of Memphis for more

than 25 years. Mayors Herenton and Wharton did not get elected without support from white

voters. And Congressman Steve Cohen did not get elected to represent the 9 th District without

the help of black voters. I welcome any suggestions regarding how to further unite our


8. What is being done to ensure that inner city kids are receiving the same quality of

education as the kids in the suburbs?

The citizens of Memphis voted to surrender the school charter a few years ago. Now, funding

for Shelby County Schools is up to the Shelby County Commission and the quality of education

is the responsibility of the Shelby County Schools board. Many suburbs have formed their own

school districts as well.

9. What are/is being done in the future about hiring police that are secretly racist? My

solution is lie detectors!

The department does not tolerate racist behavior. We’re currently in the process of hiring new

officers as part of our ‘Best in Blue’ campaign. Full background checks are conducted of each

candidate, psychological exams are conducted, and each candidate is fully vetted prior to the

job offer. Once hired, each recruit undergoes an extensive training regimen of 21 weeks. After

that, they spend dozens of hours training with a field training officer. We are committed to

monitoring our officers on a continuous basis in regards to their behavior and job performance.

Also, 53 percent of police officers in Memphis are African-American.

10. How do you want our people to stop crime in this community by telling police

When the police don’t tell when their co-workers are wrong or the DA or mayor won’t admit

their coworkers the police make wrong decisions.

Every person, even if that person wears a uniform, is obligated to stand up and report crimes

when they’re witnessed. On some occasions, an investigation into an officer’s performance is

launched solely on an administrative review, which means that the concern was alerted by a

fellow officer or commander within the department. Wrongdoing is reported both internally

and externally. Any officer who violates department policy or the law is punished accordingly.

11. When is something going to be done about officers that is caught in cold blooded killing on

camera and recordings? Why is there no consequences for them?

In Memphis, there are consequences for anyone who breaks the law. The justice system

determines if there is punishment. We do not always agree with the outcomes at trial, but it is

part of our democracy.

12. Can you make it a standard for the Memphis Police were you have 4 on and 1 off

(I mean 4 year on the street and 1 year off the street for education, counseling and therapy so

every 5 th year a career police need and should get a culture sensitivity term

We do not have enough officers to have 20 percent of the force take off for a year. All officers

are required to attend a one-week training session each year through in-service training.

Topics such as community policing, cultural diversity and bias-based profiling are taught

during these sessions.

13. Can we see more of your presence in the black community. Especially when someone is

killed on the city streets.

I have met privately to offer my condolences to victim’s families -- not wanting exploit their

grief. I have a personal diary with the names and photos of each person who has been killed in

Memphis this year. I look at that book every day, so I will never forget that safety is my top

priority for the people of Memphis. And, every week, I attend as many community and church

events as I can.

14. What are you going to do about the repocation of the corrupted juvenile system; that has

taken the driver licenses of men and that have prevent men to be able to move forward?

These are state laws that allow driver licenses to be revoked. But our administration has met

with leadership outside of the city and is looking for ways to help people keep their licenses, so

they can make it to work and earn money.

15. The problem is obvious that the police are afraid of the actions of the citizens and the

citizens are afraid of the response of the police. How can this be addressed!!!

We’re continuously working to bridge the gap between law enforcement and citizens. Officers

are working with schools, community centers and faith-based organizations to connect even

more with those in our community. We’re committed to building an even better community

policing style, which will create better dialogue and trust between law enforcement and


16. What going to happen to law of gun violence

I have lost two sons on gun-vio

Aug 2, 2003 Dec 13, 2010

Friday lost grandson July 8, 2016

State laws have made it easier to have guns on the street. Our community must lobby state

lawmakers in the next session to change gun laws -- specifically for Memphis.

17. As mayor who claims to have made a “promise to the people,” what do you do daily to

improve the safety and livelihood of urban communities?

I am constantly working to bring companies to Memphis, or keep the ones that we have to

improve job opportunities which will improve everyone’s quality of life. I have raised nearly

$60,000 in private donations to expunge the records of felons who have turned their lives

around -- and help them find a job, if needed. So far, we’ve helped 25 people expunge their

records. As for the safety of our communities, I rely on intelligence and the knowledge of my

police director when determining what are the best safety measures for our city. I have also

worked with our City Council to secure more security cameras for neighborhoods. We’ve

increased programming at community centers and libraries. I’ve returned police officers to

community centers. I’m also doing everything possible to recruit and retain police officers to

our force. Most recently, my administration implemented a down payment assistance program

for officers to buy homes in neighborhoods.

Mayor Strickland, seeing as though Interim Dir. Rallings is THE sole Police Executive to be

one with the people, pray with the people and converse directly with the people while

protesting, what do you need to see in a candidate to permanently select them?

The new police director -- on Aug. 7 we appointed Mike Rallings -- is a highly qualified person

who is committed to data-driven policing and understands the diversity of Memphis.

18. Why it’s the Policeman can disarm white mens, but the Black men they can’t disarm them

without killing them.

MPD does not approach disarming a white man any differently than disarming a black man.

Disarming a suspect is a dangerous situation. Our officers are trained on the importance of

using a deadly force continuum and to consider other options before resorting to deadly force.

19. Why does it take 3 to 5 polices to pull over one car because of tint, tail light out, etc.

Things minor while there are killings and robbing going on elsewhere.

Why are policies speeding just to get through lights but sending innocent people to jail or

accumulating driving citations making it harder to obtain driver license.

What appear to be minor traffic infractions can often be dangerous for officers. Due to this fact,

officers routinely back each other up on such stops. As for driving through red lights, officers

have to do this from time to time to answer an emergency call. Policies are in place that dictate

when officers are able to go into this emergency mode.

If an officer witnesses illegal activity of any type, it is the officer’s duty to respond accordingly.

Once a citation is issued, MPD does not make decisions -- that’s up to the court system.

Matters concerning driver’s licenses, which are issued by the state, should be addressed with

the Tennessee Department of Safety.

20. Police and teachers are both public servants.

Teachers are faced w/some of the same behavior such a weapons, attacks, non-compliance,


In the same situations officers practice physical and deadly force, but teachers are expected to

practice the utmost patience.

Why can’t officers practice that same patience?

Though there are similarities, officers face far more life-threatening situations than educators.

As a result, they’re trained differently. Patience is a virtue in both professions, of course, and

we’re working diligently on training that will attempt to teach our officers ways to better

develop patience.

21. How will we start a community run police review board that actually has power to fire

crooked police officers?

The City Council has oversight of the Civilian Law Enforcement Review Board and the rules

regarding the board. The council is in the process of reviewing how much authority the review

board should/ have, legally.

22. So what are you going to do to revitalize our communities and to generate economic

reciprocity, what are the plans to revitalize?

And Mayor our BLACK EDUCATED PEOPLE need opportunity and we are not given that.

What is the plan!

I am constantly working to bring companies to Memphis, or keep the ones that we have to

improve job opportunities. There are numerous projects going on in several communities to

encourage growth. We are working with the White House and the private sector to increase job

opportunities and mentorship for young people. And no mayor has been more committed to

increasing opportunities for minority and women owned businesses to work with the city. In

the first few months of our administration, we increased city contracts with minority and

women-owned businesses by 17 percent.

23. What can our city do to minimize the brutality by the police nationwide?

Please don’t give a BS answer

We don’t have any control over how other cities run their police departments. But we can lead

by example. MPD is recognized nationally for its Crisis Intervention Team, and for how our

officers handled themselves during the protest on the I-40 bridge.

24. 4 children lives was lost almost 2 weeks ago. What is your plan to acknowledge the

mental health issues of mothers especially black mothers who can’t seem to cope or is

stressed due to lack of jobs, housing and etc.

It was truly heartbreaking to see those children killed by their mother, and the fact that she

may have been struggling with mental health issues is so distressing. Our state laws regulate

funding for mental health facilities. But if you know someone who is struggling with mental

health or needs help, you can always call 211 to point you in the right direction for the type of

help that is needed.

25. I’m of the mindset that this is a Kennedy moment, Ask not what my city can do for me,

but what can I do for my city! Thus where can I go to offer my series of solution initiatives?

We need everyone to help. Volunteer your time at a community center, the library, adopt a

park, form a neighborhood watch program in area or join a group that exists. If you own a

business, provide internships for youth in the summer. WE NEED YOU.

26. Why is Racism STILL ALLOWED to exist to this day??!!

That’s a complicated question. City policies prohibit racist or discriminatory behavior, but you

can’t regulate what is in a person’s heart.

27. Why do the police officer do not follow the Constitution of the United States of America

when they were sworn in to uphold these laws that protect the citizens of the United States of


Police officers are expected to uphold and follow the law, and there are consequences when

they do not.

28. Mayor Strickland, it has been stated that programs have been developed to increase

positive activity & educational opportunities.

How are these programs/employees being evaluated to ensure they are effective and dollars

are being spent on quality resources for our children?

The programs that have been implemented since January, such as the summer reading

program in community centers, are new. So we won’t know how effective they are for some

time. But we are committed to measuring our performance in all aspects of city government

through our Office of Performance Management.

29. Why are you creating distrust during this meeting?

I agreed to attend the meeting at Greater Imani and I listened closely to those who were

allowed to speak. I will always listen and do my best to serve the City of Memphis.

30. Why is it that when we had our hands raised and when we followed all you commands we

still got shot?

We work very hard on our training so that incidents like the one you describe, which happened

elsewhere, do not happen in Memphis.

31. Why do they overlook all the Black Deaths?

I am devastated about the loss of life of any member of this community, and I’m briefed on

every homicide case that happens in the city.

32. What are we doing to make our kid safe.

We’ve put police officers in community centers where our children spend a lot of time. We

installed a new monitoring system to make sure no kids were harmed at city pools. We have

library programs and community center programs to give kids activities.

How can people vote If half the City of Memphis have Felonys?

It is state law that excludes persons convicted of felonies from voting, not local law. Under

state law, depending on the crime committed, your voting rights may be reinstated once your

sentence has been served -- that includes probation and parole. This should be explained by

the state when a person is released from prison.

33. Why are police not being locked up or kicked off the force when they commit the first


Police officers accused of crimes are entitled to due process like anyone else. If they’re

convicted, they’ll be terminated from their employment.

34. What is the process after you file a Internal Affairs claim?

The complainant will fill out and sign an affidavit. A thorough investigation will follow, and if

the investigation reveals that charges are merited, the officer will be issued a statement of

charges, which will indicate all of the details involved. A hearing will be held and discipline will

be rendered if necessary. The complainant will be notified of the outcome of the investigation.

35. Why is so many years of experience, it limits qualified representatives from helping?

I’m sorry, but I would need clarification to answer this question. Please email me at with details.

36. Education is important in fixing criminal justice.

What does the City plan to do to support schools, uplift schools, descalate school police?

Especially amidst a “ budget crisis”

I think you’re asking why we move police officers out of Shelby County Schools. Once city

residents voted to surrender the charter, the city contracted with SCS to stay in the schools for

three years. The agreement expired and then we redeployed those school officers to community

centers. The schools are now protected by Shelby County Sheriff’s officers.

Where was the alleged transparency in the police chief search before now?

As a candidate for mayor, I promised to do a national search for a police chief. I kept my word,

and on Aug. 7 I announced Michael Rallings as my choice. It’s the second time I’ve been

charged with choosing a police director. In my first month in office, the former director retired,

and I selected an interim. We have been very open about the current selection process.

Will there be more after?

My administration is open and committed to communicating with the public and the council.

37. What about a website or training for our men and women on how to act when pulled over?

This is a great idea! I’ll have our police director and marketing team look into this.

38. What programs are in place that encourage officers to build relationships with the people

in the community?

It is harder to shoot members of a community and the people of that community if they know


It is unfortunate that the officers in this room may not be able to recognize one Black

community members in this room.

We’re committed to community policing. Town hall meetings, neighborhood and business

watch meetings, apartment managers’ meetings, grassroots organization meetings, and

community center meetings have given a wealth of connection between the community and the


39. What is the reason for the long delay of the distribution & implementation of officer body


A lack of policy and a plan to process video from body worn cameras and the capability to

handle the demand from the public and media, all of which we encountered when taking office

on Jan. 1, is what caused the delay. We have since started the rollout of body worn cameras, as

well as hiring videographers to process the video for redactions. Our police department

regularly gives updates about the implementation of this program to the City Council, and

those meetings are open to the public and broadcast online.

Can Memphis Police Department be expected to organize & implement a community board to

review incidents & complaints within MPD? To increase transparency.

The Civilian Law Enforcement Review Board reviews citizen complaints against the police


Why are we allowing “under-trained” Police officers to walk our streets with a hot-head

and armed?

Recruits go through six months of training and psychological evaluations before they graduate

from the academy. After graduation, they are partnered with another officer for a year on


Will you address the “character assassination” that takes place before someone is tried?

City officials rarely comment on pending cases. Memphis Police share facts of criminal cases

with media, but we don’t shape the coverage or how people are characterized in news coverage.

41. Mayor can you commit to supporting a strong CLERB?

Yes, I support CLERB and voted for it when I served on the City Council.

What will you do to protect & support CLERB?

We have recently hired an administrator and an independent investigator to help CLERB

investigate complaints against officers. The investigator is independent of police.

Same “?” for cultural sens. trg.

Officers do go through two weeks of in-service training each year, and Director Rallings has

said he is looking into additional training.

42. Why can’t you get your record expunge after 35 yrs of no trouble and for a nonviolent

crime breaking into a car 2x serve your time, and bend clean every sense.


It sounds like you can get your record expunged. I've raised money to expunge the records of

non-violent criminals. The DA identifies the people who qualify for the program, but you can

apply to get your record cleaned through the General Sessions Court Clerk’s office -- which you

can contact at 222-3400. State law determines who is eligible for expungement.

43. Why should we be caged?

Why should we be silent?

What is freedom?

What is a voice when we can’t use it?

Why are we not a chain of change but a chain of racist?

I’m not sure about your specific question, but thank you for your heartfelt comment. If you

have a specific question, please email me at

44. Can we limit participation to residents of THIS area?

They mayor and City Council hold regular town hall meetings around the city in different


45. How can we build programs that can foster relationships between concerned citizens, city

officials, and impoverished & incarcerated youths?

We have partnered with several organizations to increase programming and opportunity for

young people in our community centers. We’re also reaching out to several community

partners to increase mentorship and summer job training for young people.

46. What is being done to aid inner city schools & fund overworked & underpaid teachers &

provide resources for those schools?

The Shelby County Commission is responsible for the funding of Shelby County Schools.

47. What is a solution where Inner City Memphis Homeowners are expected to pay City and

County taxes?

I’m not sure about your specific question, but paying city and county taxes is the law.

While at the same time a Memphis Resident is not allowed a Free Library Card in Germantown

Libraries unless a Resident to receive a Free Library Card?

Germantown is its own municipality. Germantown residents are not allowed to have a

Memphis library card for free, either.

48. What is demographic breakdown of Minority business participation?

% of Woman


% of African American bus .


2% uncertified

That total of 16.05 percent is up from 12 percent when I took office in January, and I’m

committed to doing more. It’s a major priority for my administration, and I actually created an

office and hired a director to focus solely on that.

49. Why can city garner or find funds in amount of millions spent to light the bridge and pay

ServiceMaster to open downtown?

How much was spent on each when we can’t pay for real needs of public.

Private donations will pay for the lighting of the bridges. No public money is being used for

that project. ServiceMaster chose to stay in Memphis, keeping 1,200 jobs here, and was given

the largest incentive from the state of Tennessee.

50. Does the MPD have any forms of diversity training in place for the officers of MPD?

Yes. Cultural diversity and bias-based profiling are taught during every recruit training session.

Also, our Community Outreach Program (COP) currently teaches a block of instruction that

touches on these topics. The instruction discusses the importance of community policing, steps

to take to get to know those in the community, and how to interact with different cultures and

races. Our Training Academy staff is also currently working on implementing additional

training that will address cultural diversity and bias-based profiling for the 2017 in-service


51. Why isn’t the same standards held in the court system with Black children than White


What kind of diversity initiative will they try to place for officers outside of the urban


A Department of Justice investigation at Shelby County Juvenile Court found that black children

were treated unfairly, and the court, which is a county function, has been taking steps to

correct those problems. To the second part of your question: Each municipality has its own

police force. We cannot dictate policy in other jurisdictions.

52. Why is it that Mayor Strickland only make a news conference when it only involves the

killing of police officers?

Since I’ve been in office, only one police officer, Verdell Smith, has been killed in the line of

duty. I did meet privately with Officer Smith’s family to express his condolences, and I have

also met privately with several homicide victims’ families, keeping those meetings private as to

not exploit their grief. The level of violence in our community makes me angry. I keep a

personal journal that has the name and picture of every homicide victim to remember who they

are, and that public safety is my No. 1 priority as mayor. I am deeply affected by murders in our


We want our Mayor to be more interactive in our communities!

That’s why we voted Warton out of seat.

Every week, I meet with the public in their communities, churches and neighborhoods. And I

will continue to do more.

53. To the Mayor: Are you afraid of the movement?

Absolutely not. Everyone has a constitutional right to peaceful assembly. I may not have gone

through the same struggles as my black friends and neighbors, but I know what injustice and

discrimination look like, and I understand those struggles. I understand and believe that Black

Lives Matter. And I care about the safety and welfare of all the citizens of Memphis, no matter

what color they are or how much money they have.

Why didn’t you show up and show support to the cause?

I was near the protest and prepared to talk with protestors, but was advised by my police

director, Mike Rallings, not to join the group.

54. How can the City of Memphis create job fairs to help with poverty in our city?

We have several job fairs throughout the year. In fact, the city just held one last week. Our

Workforce Investment Network offers help to people seeking jobs, in a lot of different ways.

Visit its website at or call 636-7971.

55. Why is there such a huge economic disparity between whites and blacks?

For examples: jobs, housing, and education, etc.

That’s a complex question, but the short answer is historical racism and discrimination

coupled with families caught in a generational cycle of poverty. I’m doing what I can as mayor

to break the cycle of poverty and to level the field of opportunity.

56. Please explain what is going on w/Clerb & what it is & that it has no subpoena power

CLERB is the Civilian Law Enforcement Review Board. It is a board made up of appointees from

the offices of the mayor and City Council to hear citizen complaints against law enforcement

officers. The board has an independent investigator, but it does not have subpoena power. At

this time, the City Council is reviewing the ordinance surrounding CLERB that could lead to a

change in how the board operates.

57. Why haven’t we gotten any convictions for the black men killed recently in Memphis by

white cops?

The District Attorney General’s office prosecutes criminal cases in Memphis. The DA will not

move forward to prosecute a case if a grand jury refuses to indict a suspect.

When will minority contracts for shell black businesses get in our hands?

The City of Memphis’ Equal Business Opportunity (EBO) Ordinance explicitly addresses

penalties for companies who are acting as “fronts” and receiving any kind of benefit from the

EBO programs. The penalties include the following:

Sec.2-330 Penalties for Non-Compliance

(3) By an individual or firm attempting to benefit from or participate in the M/WBE

program, through fronting activity, false representation of a commercially useful


or other fraudulent or unlawful activity, the matter shall be referred to the appropriate

legal authorities and the City of Memphis Legal Division for criminal prosecution; and,

in the event a conviction or guilty plea is obtained stemming from such criminal

prosecution, the business entity and principals shall be barred from participation in city

contracts for one year.

Why is Nathan Beckford Forest Statue still up?

When I was on the City Council, I voted to remove the statue. It remains because, by state law,

the Tennessee Historical Commission has to approve its relocation. The application has been

submitted to have the statue removed.

58. Who are minority communities only receiving 35% of funding when Blacks alone make up

over 60% of the Memphis population?

I’m sorry, I’m not sure I understand this question. Please email me at

to clarify and I will be glad to answer.

59. What will you do to stop using deadly force?

How soon will you implement that?

Take Darrius Stewart’s killer off disability/pension until a full internal & external

investigation is done-then act based on results.

Our youth-even 5 & 6 year olds-are traumatized by police killing black & brown people-what

will you do to change this & bring justice & peace?

The ordinance surrounding our pension determined how former officer Connor Schilling’s

retirement was handled. It was handled by the Pension Board according to state and local laws.

MPD does not have a desire to utilize deadly force on anyone. There are times that officers have

to protect the lives of citizens or their own lives, and in such times the decision to use deadly

force may be required. Officers are regularly trained on the importance of the deadly force

continuum and are taught to consider other options than deadly force during an encounter.

However, sometimes officers only have less than a second to react to the situation in order to

protect and serve.

60. Please ask all Elected Officials to stand.

Ask the question: Why do you continue to allow companies to come in you give them millions

of dollars and they pay employees bare wages & no benefits.

PILOT programs -- which do not give money to companies -- are used to incentivize

businesses to move to the city or stay in the city. For example, ServiceMaster is staying in

Memphis, moving Downtown and expanding its workforce. The state and city did offer them a

PILOT and the jobs they offer are well above minimum wage.

61. Where was Jim Strickland

He’s the Mayor of Memphis

Why he wasn’t on the front line yesterday

I was at City Hall coordinating the city’s entire response and was prepared to talk with

protestors, but was advised by Police Director Mike Rallings not to join the group.

62. Can you Mayor Strickland ask for forgiveness from the black community on behalf of

government in Memphis

Jesus is the only anser!

Love is the only answer!

I agree that Jesus is the answer -- I am a man of faith and rely on God for strength every single


63. What are we going to do about the black men license that are suspend due to child support

and unable to get a job? Also what about the people that are in Jail due to it?

License suspension as a result of lack of child support payment is determined by state law and

by order of the court. While we do not have direct authority on that process, my administration

is beginning to work with others who are involved to remove barriers.

64. In regards to traffic stops, what warrants a passenger being asked for identification?

Tennessee law allows an officer to ask a passenger for identification. For safety reasons, it is

common practice for officers to make this request. A passenger may be requested, but not

compelled, to provide ID or other information during a routine traffic stop, except under

certain circumstances.

65. What type of police sensitivity training will you be requiring?

Will it be similar to the teacher training in inner city schools?

Why are teachers getting this & not police?

Cultural diversity and bias-based profiling are taught during every recruit training session.

Also, our Community Outreach Program (COP) currently teaches a block of instruction that

touches on these topics. They discuss the importance of community policing, steps to take to

get to know those in your community, and how to interact with different cultures and races.

Also, our Training Academy staff is also working on implementing additional training to

address cultural diversity and bias-based profiling for the 2017 in-service sessions. The

training received by teachers is determined by the SCS board and the state.

66. Can we start back housing the police in the bad communities?

I’ve initiated a down payment assistance program that will encourage more investment in

targeted ZIP Codes in our city. That program has been expanded to police officers. To learn

more, visit HCD’s website at or call


67. Are you going to make him director before we leave?

Mike Rallings has been named Police Director for the Memphis Police Department.

68. I want to know where was Mayor Jim Strickland last night?

We are suppose to be your people but you were not there where were you at?

I was at City Hall coordinating the city’s entire response and was prepared to talk with

protestors, but was advised by Police Director Mike Rallings not to join the group.

69. What is the Mayor going to do to get more higher paying jobs and not $8.00 a hour jobs.

No more wearhouse jobs.

No temp services real jobs.

What is his plan.

We are actively recruiting companies to Memphis. Convincing ServiceMaster to stay, for

instance, will keep 1,200 good jobs. There are currently 18,000 jobs available in the city that are

above minimum wage, and you can find those at We are doing we can to

strengthen the workforce through our Workforce Investment Network --

70. What can we do to stop arresting parents/guardians/grandparents for disciplining their


Police only step in when discipline becomes abuse.

71. What is being done about the officers that posted a pic of pointing a gun at a black man


Holding them accountable would show how good cops are holding bad cops accountable.

I agree -- I’ve said that part of what makes me proud of MPD is that when someone makes a

mistake, MPD holds them accountable. From MPD, here is precisely what happened in the case

you reference:

On Wednesday, August 3, 2016, a disciplinary hearing was concluded where an officer

was charged with violation of DR 104 Personal Conduct and DR 136 Social Media. The

director sustained the charge violation of DR 104, Personal Conduct, and ordered a

twenty (20) day Suspension without pay, Cultural Diversity training and a TA to the COP

Unit. He sustained the charge of violation of DR 136 Social Media and ordered a ten (10)

day Suspension without pay.

On Friday, August 5, 2016, a disciplinary hearing was concluded where another officer

was charged with violation of DR 104 Personal Conduct, DR 136 Social Media and DR 127

Reporting Improper Conduct. The director sustained the charge violation of DR 104,

Personal Conduct, and ordered a twenty (20) day Suspension without pay, Cultural

Diversity training and a TA to the COPS Unit. The director sustained the charge of

violation of DR 136 Social Media and ordered a seven (7) day Suspension without pay.

The director sustained the charge for violation of DR 127 Reporting Improper Conduct

and ordered a three (3) day suspension.

72. What about the official Black Lives Matter Chapter and the work they have been doing to

fight these issues?

We are scheduling a meeting soon with the Coalition of Concerned Citizens, which has a

representative of the local Black Lives Matter chapter.

73. I am the mother of 2 black men

I’m a cop

I’m an educator

The laws are injust from inside out against blacks

*I will aswer the question where are the good officer*

Thank you for your service.

74. Do you dig into the backgrounds of the fellow officers?

All officers hired by MPD go through a thorough background check.

75. What is the difference between white & black lives

Everybody lives matter

The Black Lives Matter movement is not suggesting that everyone’s life doesn’t matter — it’s

saying black lives should matter as much as white lives when it comes to police/community

interaction, jobs, and education. It’s about equal treatment.

76. Can the police department change the application process.

There are people who want to help but investigators department give blacks people miss info

to apply and after three process you can not apply

MPD and HR are currently in the process of re-evaluating the entire process. That said, the

application process we currently use is web-based and user-friendly. If you have questions, the

recruiting team is available at 636-4473 or 800-318-4164 -- or visit

77. Card was not provided.

78. Why are Blacks judged with unequal justice

Example: A black man shot his neighbor’s pit bull and police arrested the Black man?

We don’t know the specifics of this case, but the law strives to treat people equally.

79. Points to Be Made:

We must have training for these businesses so they are eligible for these contracts.

We need an increase in federal _______ so businesses can obtain loans to grow their

businesses to be eligible.

We cannot physically attack police and expect to not get shot.

If Rallings is made chief and he makes a decision you don’t like, don’t forget about all these

ovations you are giving him.


What internal police procedures need to be adjusted so cops do not get away with brutality

I’m going to work closely with Director Rallings to offer the best training for our officers,

which includes cultural diversity and community policing training. We’re making positive

strides with this. Any allegation of brutality is taken seriously and investigated thoroughly. Any

officer who engages in such conduct is taken seriously and investigated thoroughly. Any officer

who engages in such conduct is disciplined according to the level of the offense and the law.

80. Would as many come out to clean a neighborhood? (Come out for Jesus – part of the

problem or cure?)

You asked Strickland to make the mistake all these other cities & easily led people are making.

Jump the way you are told without ALL the info. Follow the propaganda.

Body cameras will help, IF police don’t LOSE the films.

Who are you is NOT useless info!

We should be raising children who don’t need us to entertain them.

Hire THEM to restore the parks.

If police need to know the citizens, citizens should go on a ride-along.

1 Vision 1 Mphs is unrealistic.

Thank you for your comments. Please email me at if you have any

specific questions.

81. There are usually 6 to 7 cars that pull up to answer all situations, so once again where are

the good cops _____?

Policy dictates how many cars are sent to each scene. Each incident is evaluated on a

case-by-case basis to ensure great service to our citizens.

82. To the Mayor & Interim Director:

Steven Askew was murdered by 2 Memphis police officers on January 17, 2013, struck 6 times

in the back, 9 total.

Are you willing to ask the TBI to investigate his death?

The District Attorney General would have to ask the TBI to conduct an investigation, and I

would ensure that MPD will fully cooperate.

83. We need more police presence in the schools!

What can happen to get more police in the schools everyday , not just when a fight occurs

Shelby County Sheriff’s officers and Shelby County Schools security personnel provide safety in

SCS. Our police officers have now moved to community centers.

84. Addressed to the Mayor

I understand the process of hiring a director and you said you are hearing us but truthfully

there is a difference between hearing and listening, so what are you doing?

Area you simply hearing us or are you listening.

I listened and I heard what many in the community said about hiring a police director, and I

feel I made the right choice.

85. Can we get the MPD back into inner-city schools because KIDS, no matter how different

than more privileged Memphians they experience police brutality too?

There are no plans to move Memphis police officers back into Shelby County Schools. The

contract SCS had with city for police officers expired in June of this year, and those officers

have been reassigned to Memphis community centers.

86. Do you believe the city ran by Race or Education

We can’t deny our city’s history when it comes to race relations, but there have been great

improvements over the years. But education will be a great factor in the type of city Memphis

will become in the future.

87. What steps will the City of Memphis take to build the bridge between the community and

the police.

We’re continuously working to bridge that gap. Officers are working with schools, community

centers and faith-based organizations to connect even more with those in our community. We

are committed to building an even better Community Oriented Policing style, which will create

better dialogue and trust between law enforcement and its citizens.

88. My name is Cartell Williams and I want to speak on police brutality.

I myself was attack by 5 white police officers on Nov 5, 2015.

I want to know where is the video tape of the beating I suffer

I want to know are you guys from City Hall are going to release the tape so the citizens can see

what police brutality really is and I am of survivor from it.

This is an ongoing investigation, and we do not release any videos until the investigations are

over. We understand that thus far, one officer has been disciplined. If you’d like to make a

request for police or city records, you can submit a public records request here:

89. We need more diverse representation in leadership here in Memphis.

Memphis is 65% African-American but most of the local leadership in areas of business &

government does not reflect the current metro population.

So what will be done to educate & open up access to qualified African-Americans who want to

serve as leaders.

Our City Council and the mayor’s office/staff is diverse -- in fact, two-thirds of my senior

leadership team are African-Americans. And we are always looking for citizens who would like

use their talents to serve on city boards. Also, anyone can run for political office.

90. Last night, Memphis saw an amazing display of discretion and common sense in

de-escalating a tense situation.

Will MPD formalize a policy of using this same approach when dealing with minor drug

possessions, traffic violations, and other low-level offenses at the street level?

Each case is different and will be evaluated independently, but I’m proud of the way MPD

handled this event with an eye toward the greater good of our city.