Memphis man accused of using stolen identities to defraud banks of $1.6 million

A Memphis man was indicted in federal court Wednesday. He is accused of using stolen identities to defraud various banks of more than $1.6 million.

The majority of the identities he is accused of stealing came from patients with brain issues.

The affidavit of complaint against Jeremy Jones said he started stealing identities of patients of Memphis Neurology back in 2011, and he used those identities to bilk various banks of $1,660,587.30.

"We were informed by the authorities that there had been an arrest made in an ongoing case of identity theft which our practice was a victim of back in 2012," Ann McFall, office manager for Memphis Neurology, told FOX13.

McFall said 146 of their patients and employees had been victimized in this scheme, but no medical records were involved.

"Strictly identity. No medical records. No Hipaa violations," McFall said.

McFall also told FOX13 the man indicted had the help of an accomplice who worked for Memphis Neurology. That person supplied him with the personal information and was fired once the investigation was launched.

"Action was taken by the authorities and by the practice to remove that person from the practice,” McFall said.

FOX13 went to the home of Jeremy Jones to get his reaction to the indictment, but his listed address is in a gated community and we were not allowed on the premises.

However, McFall said Jones' arrest brings closure to a practice whose patients were victimized.

"It's very satisfying to know that in situations like this that those who do conduct these kind of crimes are going to stand justice for this because it is a violation to the practice, to the patients and it's very destructive,” McFall said.

As for Jeremy Jones, he faces nearly three decades in prison, if convicted.