Memphis neighborhood takes crime fighting into its own hands

A prominent Memphis neighborhood has seen its fair share of crime. They are sick and tired of it, so they are taking a stand.

The Belle Meade neighborhood plans to buy Sky Cop cameras and technology to keep the neighborhood safe.

"It's one of those neighborhoods where they can put up enough cameras to really monitor who are coming in and out,” City Councilman Worth Morgan told FOX13.

Morgan chairs the Public Safety and Homeland Security Committee.

During Tuesday’s city council meeting, he said the council will pass a resolution to accept more than $130,000 from the Belle Meade neighborhood. With that money they will install two Sky Cop cameras and eight license plate readers.

"This is one of the things that is critical for success for fighting crime in Memphis,” Morgan said. “To have communities to partner with the police force, partner with the government."

FOX13 walked the neighborhood and came across what residents said is a tester camera system.

"There's been a number of break-ins in that community recently, and that really got the attention of those neighbors and they decided to do something for change,” Morgan said.

FOX13 spoke with several residents about the crime. They said it has gotten worse and installing Sky Cop cameras was the last resort effort.

They hope to see see a return in their investment. For them, that means a safer neighborhood.

"This isn't a city wide effort,” Morgan said. “This isn't something where city council is buying $10 million worth of cameras."

Morgan told FOX13 he understands many communities cannot afford to dish out more than $100,000 for crime cameras. However, he did advise everyone to be a “nosy neighbor” with natural surveillance of surroundings.