Memphis rapper films controversial video

A South Memphis neighborhood is on edge after a known Memphis rapper taped a video with alleged gang members and their weapons.

Gang signs and guns were on display through the video, which was filmed by Memphis rapper Blac Youngsta.

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Throughout the video you see the rapper with a pistol in his hand.

One of the videos was filmed right in front of Jada Guy’s parent's home.

"My family is terrified," Guy said.

In the video, Blac Youngsta and other men are calling out another Memphis rapper, Young Dolph. It’s not clear why he’s calling out the other rapper, but the display was enough to scare residents in the neighborhood.

If you watch the video, you can see Blac Younsta even passes MPD patrol cars.

"We as a community we need to step in and take control over what's going on right now," Guy said.

FOX13 went to the neighborhood and drove around, looking to see if we could find and of the same activity that happened in the video. On this day, everything was quiet.

Guy said it's these videos that are adding fuel to the fire of violence that is already burning Memphis.

"As for me, I'm about to get my stuff together and get my kids out," Guy said.

So far this year, Memphis has had 41 homicides. Jada Guy said this video and others like it will likely be the reason that number grows.

"A lot of times these guys are doing this for views, internet likes and Facebook likes; not knowing the danger they are putting our children and community in," Guy said.

The videos have since been taken down from Blac Youngsta's Instagram.

FOX13 is still waiting on a reply from Blac Youngsta via Facebook.