Waitress given $4,000 tip says her employer won’t hand over the money

MEMPHIS,Tenn. — A Memphis woman who received a generous $4,000 tip still has not gotten the money from her job.

Earlier this month, Shikira Edwards’ manager told her a customer left her the tip at a Denny’s near Winchester and Riverdale Road.

Edwards said she can’t get her money.

“I’m just hurt that they would tell me something like this as a business and as being the owner to tell me that this is the only resolution as to look at if I’m wrong to ask for something I know I deserve,” said Edwards.

When we interviewed Edwards, her manager had good things to say. He said they were trying to make sure the tip wasn’t a mistake.

Original Story: Local woman receives $4,000 tip

Three weeks later Edwards said the manager told her she had to track down the customer to make sure it was legit.

“You’re going to tell me that it’s my fault that I didn’t get the information on a customer when they left and tipped me,” Edwards said. “I don’t know who tipped me.”

Edwards said she wouldn’t be surprised if someone at the restaurant tried to keep it for themselves.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if because of what they’re going through already that they need it more than I do,” Edwards said.

According to Edwards, the business is short-staffed, low on supplies and employees don’t want to be there because of other problems.

Back in October, FOX13 reported that the restaurant received a 57 on a health inspection.

Since then, the inspection scores have gone up.

The most recent score was a 99.

Edwards said she’s been a loyal waitress for the past three years as she works her way through dental school.

She said she wants her money or she plans to sue.

“Whatever is done in the dark I just pray that it just comes to the light,” she said. “I pray that whatever God has in store for me will reveal.”

In a statement sent to FOX13, a spokesperson for Denny’s said:

“Denny’s is working diligently with our Banking/Credit Card Department to locate the guest and verify the large tip amount. The restaurant located at 7065 Winchester Road in Memphis, TN scored a 99 percent during their latest health inspection on Tuesday, February 18, 2020.”

After this story aired, the owner of Denny’s reach out to FOX13.

He said that what Edwards is saying is wrong. He said they were told to cancel the transaction from that bill because they couldn’t find out who left the tip. So in case it was on accident, they canceled it.

FOX13 will stay on top of this story and make sure the right steps are followed.