Memphis woman identified after stolen car slams into her vehicle, kills her

WATCH: Memphis woman identified after stolen car slams into her vehicle, kills her

SOUTH MEMPHIS, Tenn. — One woman was killed and two others were taken to the hospital after Memphis police said a car theft ended in a crash.

Police said three people were rushed to Regional One after two of them crashed a stolen vehicle at South Third Street and South Parkway in South Memphis.

The woman who was killed has been identified by family as Ashlyn Whitmore.

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Police have charged a teenager in connection with the car theft that ended in a deadly crash.

Investigators confirmed Terrance Rodgers, 18, is being charged with theft of property and aggravated robbery.

According to MPD, the incident started with a car theft around 8 p.m. Tuesday.

High school English teacher Rebekah Sunday told FOX13 she parked her car on Tennessee Street. She said she got out of her Black Ford Escape and began walking toward her friend's apartment downtown.

Sunday said she turned around and saw a man with a gun.

“I was like, ‘please don’t do this,’” Sunday said. “He started counting down from three, and I thought he was going to shoot me.”

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He did not, but Sunday said he took her cellphone, wallet and car.

“I was just like take everything I don’t care,” Sunday said. “I just don’t want to die right now.”

She told FOX13 she ran for help and once police got there, they were able to track her phone. They traced it to the 100 block of Goodloe Avenue.

Memphis police released a photo of the Ford Escape that was stolen.

Officers were told the stolen car was in a different area. While heading that way, a Lexus, which was also stolen, sped past them. and crashed into a Kia -- driven by Whitmore -- at South Third and South Parkway.

Whitmore was taken to the hospital but did not survive. The two suspects inside the Lexus are expected to be okay.

“It’s sad,” Sunday said. “I know that I could’ve died as well, and for her to die…It’s just heart breaking.”

Police said evidence at the scene connected the suspects to the car theft on Tennessee Street.

Police believe the suspects who were in the stolen Lexus are responsible for stealing Sunday's Ford Escape. She moved to Memphis in July from the Chicago area.

She said she never expected to be a victim of a crime like this.

“You always think crime is going to happen to anyone but you,” Sunday said. "I was like, I can handle it, and now I’m like I don’t know if I can handle this."

The two men who were in the Lexus are now in police custody. Sunday’s Ford Escape has not been found.

It is unclear if anyone else will be facing charges related to the fatal car crash.