• Mississippi Governor Bryant Slams President's Immigration Plan

    In Mississippi, Governor Phil Bryant has demanded that President Obama pre announce any plans ahead of time to send immigrants to Mississippi and has said that Mississippi would block transports.

    DOWNLOAD: Governor Bryant's Letter To The President

    But what he can do as governor in this case is very limited.

    The governor has written a letter that may be more about making sure his stance than it is about really doing anything to stop the immigrants.

    In the letter among other things, Governor Phil Bryant says, "It is frankly insulting that you would ask to put your hand in the wallets of working Americans to correct a problem that you have caused."

    The governor also wrote: it is "unfair for the states to bear the costs of a problem created by the federal government's failure to enforce the law.”

    “We have to pay for them? I don't think it’s right,” said Southaven resident Patty Wilson.

    Bryant calls the president’s immigration policy lax, and calls for the borders to be secured.

    He also says "to the extent permitted by law, I intend to prohibit the federal government or its agents from housing large numbers of illegal immigrants in the state of Mississippi.”

    “I don't think they should house immigrants in Mississippi,” said Southaven resident Doris Pendergrass.

    According to Southaven immigration Attorney Byron Mobley, the key to the wording in the governor's letter is in the words "to the extent permitted by law". Mobley says the state can't stop the feds.

    As a matter of fact under the preemption doctrine, the federal government controls all immigration issues and there have been court cases recently where states have tried to impose their will on immigration. Arizona and Georgia are two states and both of them had injunctions passed against them.

    So why did Bryant bother to write the letter? According to Mobley, it's politics as usual in Mississippi.

    “It’s political grandstanding. The governor is making it clear that Mississippi doesn't support Obama’s policies and they want to keep illegal immigrants out of the state for financial reasons, which is all well and good, but this is also a political time of year in a republican state that is pushing a republican agenda,” continues Mobley.

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