• Mississippi roads slowly recovering after massive flooding

    By: Tom Dees


    DESOTO COUNTY, Miss. - Torrential rains caused big problems on the roadways in DeSoto County.

    FOX13 spent hours driving around the county documenting flooded roads. 

    We found out for one couple there is hope that a new bridge will stop the flooding of their property and help drivers.

    On the west edge of DeSoto County, we found nail road flooded out near Highway 61. The double yellow lines were under water. 

    Just south of that location Brantley road was flooded. It had not a single driver on it but was covered with earthworms crawling everywhere. 

    But nothing we saw today beat Holly Springs Rd. White water rapids were running over it.

    Johnathan Shaw said, "The first time wasn't nearly as bad as this time." Shaw moved here in August with his girlfriend Nicole Reno, their house sits near the Coldwater River. 

    It's waterfront property right now, sometimes more water than property.  

    The water makes things inconvenient.

    "Uh yeah I think it is about twenty or 30 miles to go around. That is inconvenient. You just have to plan ahead," Reno said

    Both Reno and Shaw said they like the idea of the new bridge being built.

    "I hope they hurry up. And hopefully it will eliminate some of this flooding issue." Shaw said.

    DeSoto County Supervisors told FOX13 when the new bridge is built it will be taller and longer and will let more water through so nearby property should not flood.

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