• More Winter Weather: Icy, dangerous conditions remain, more snow forecasted for Mid-South

    By: Joey Sulipeck , Brittani Dubose , Patrick Pete


    THE LATEST (as of Sunday morning)

    Another snow chance in flux. No surprise. Lots of data flowing. Here are my thoughts:

    1) We're not done with snow here in the mid-south. There are snow showers falling right now across Arkansas and just south of Memphis. Totals aren't expected to be massive - but it is pretty.

    2) North of Memphis has a shot at some snow showers Monday night. Again, could float further and no extreme accumulation expected - but pretty.

    3) Snow WILL develop between midnight Monday night and roughly 6-8 am Tuesday before moving out of Memphis. But again the question: who and how much.

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    Another cold day across the Mid-South with temps in the lower 30s.

    A chance of stray flurries, mainly along and west of the Mississippi River.

    High: 22°

    East northeast wind around 5 mph.

    Live coverage will continue on FOX13's News at 9 p.m. Check our social media platforms for updates from the FOX13 Severe Weather Center 13 team.


    The models have stayed consistent on their being snow; they have fluctuated on "where". Memphis is in play - but I'm going to continue my promise to be transparent and show you a little bit of what I'm studying. Hopefully it will help make things a bit more clear - and I'll add my opinion.

    The FOX13 viewing area: as of this morning - will see snow. Totals will vary from a dusting to 2" inches.

    (For this next part, you'll notice the two maps don't exactly match up; there are always going to be discrepancies and changes as we crunch atmospheric numbers and look ahead. But you begin to put the pieces together into an "overall" picture ... and then we dig deeper.)

    "Best" chance for snow: south and west of Memphis. There will likely be areas that get a nice little patch as well, but most of the moisture will be available southwest of Memphis. (Memphis is on the edge of the "decent moisture" pool; that could affect snow totals.) (SEE 1ST MAP)

    Memphis: from a dusting to 1" of snow (could be a little higher depending on moisture. (SEE 1ST AND SECOND MAP: that shows how much fluctuation there could be. Again - apply "rain" concept: does rain fall everywhere during scattered storms? No. Some areas see a downpour and street flooding - others a sprinkle).


    Winds will shift out of the south Sunday night, warming temps into the 40s on Monday. By Monday evening, we’ll be tracking our next weather maker—a cold front, that will bring another chance of wintry precip into the area Monday evening into Tuesday morning.

    As of now, snow totals are forecasted to be less around 1 inch—which could cause issues on those roadways as folks will be heading back to work/school.Bitterly cold temperatures filter in behind the cold front, with dangerously low wind chills – a potential wind chill advisory may be issued for Tuesday PM- Wednesday AM.

    Colder temperatures fill the mid-week, with temperatures rebounding into the 50s by the end of the week.








    Temps. Will. PLUNGE.




    High on Tuesday? 22°.




    Overnight low Tuesday night? 9°.




    That's without windchill factored in. Get ready to bundle up.




    As always, fresh updates will provide fresh insight.







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