Mother mourns loss of 18-year-old daughter in weekend shooting

18-year-old Myneisha Johnson was shot and killed Sunday morning. Her mother, Terry, was on the receiving end of a call that nobody ever wants.

"I was at home with my newborn baby and I got a phone call,” Terry Johnson told FOX13.

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The shooting turned Johnson’s entire world upside down. And a day later, she still has more questions than answers.

"I haven't seen her since the day she died,” Terry Johnson said. “They took her from off the street straight to the morgue. But why can't I see my baby?"

Police said Kwasi Corbin, 19, admitted to shooting an assault rifle towards a crowd. That decision to pull the trigger ended Myneshia’s life and sent two others injured.

Now, Terry Johnson is trying to figure out how she will bury one of her seven children.

"Whatever (the community) can do; whatever money they got they can (give), just go on and take it to the funeral home," Terry Johnson pleaded to FOX13.

The funeral for Myneishia will take place at R.S. Lewis & Sons Funeral Home, which is located at 374 Vance Avenue.

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She and Myneshia, who is her oldest child, shared a special bond.

Just last year, they were both pregnant at the same time. Now, the mother and grandmother is struggling with how to tell her grandson his mother will never come home.

"It's hard. I can't do it anymore," Terry Johnson said through tears.

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The tears of sadness will soon be mixed with tears of joy.

Terry Johnson told FOX 13 Myneshia's one-year-old son, Kylan, will walk the stage at the Orpheum in his mother’s honor Saturday to accept her high school diploma.

The accused trigger man, Kwasi Corbin, is charged with first degree murder, attempted murder and a weapon's offense.  His next court date is set for May 31.

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