If you have to pick up your car from the Memphis Police Impound Lot, be prepared for a long day.

MPD said about 11,000 vehicles were stolen last year.

Thats caused congestion.

Just sitting up there waiting and waiting. I sat up there for 4.5 hours before, Travis Madlock, an East Memphis Wrecker Service tow truck operator.

He said that he is frustrated with the long wait times at the polices impound lot.

There are just so many cars, its backed in and you have a lot of people up there who are trying to get their cars out but unable to because they cant get a tow truck to come up there to get their cars, said Madlock.

Drone13 footage showed the impound lot filled with vehicles.

Its built to have 2,000 cars. There is limited space, cars are parked bumper to bumper, debris is scattered everywhere.

Drivers have up to 30 days to pick up their vehicle.

But a meeting Tuesday, City Council mentioned the lot is at a capacity with nearly 3,000 cars and now uses space across the street belonging to Jimmy T. Woods Trucking.

One of the leading factors of the massive overload is the staggering number of car thefts across the city.

Car thefts are through the roof, and the reality is when they find them, it yields more tows. And it creates more traffic at the impound lot, which is more congestion, said Evan Mealer, Blue City Towing owner.

The City of Memphis pays $125 a tow, and its been 16 years since the ordinance changed.

Blue City Towing owner Evan Mealer said Wednesday that the city owed his business more than $10,000 in services.

We are a big part of the automobile industry, Mealer said. Anybody thats broken down, wrecked, out of gas or has a flat tire, they have to call one of us. We always hope that doesnt happen but its a reality.

Memphis Police said a review of the impound lot will be presented at the next city council meeting on Jan. 24.

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