MPD: Off duty officer attacked by Uber driver

Memphis police are investigating one of their own as a crime victim.

FOX 13 Investigates has learned an off duty police officer was assaulted while he was a passenger in car driven by an Uber contractor.

The driver has been suspended, and the ride sharing program is cooperating with the MPD.

According to the police report, the off duty officer reported the crime early Sunday morning. He hired an Uber driver and ended up becoming a victim of aggravated assault.

The officer told investigators it happened at the intersection of Sycamore View and I-240.  At least one high ranking officer told FOX13 the car was moving when the driver pushed the off duty officer out of the vehicle.

The off duty officer suffered only minor injuries and is not expected to take time off from work.

A spokeswoman from Uber told us the driver has been suspended and is no longer allowed to solicit customers using the company phone app.

The MPD report FOX13 obtained does not explain what lead happened inside the vehicle.  Did the off duty officer and driver have an argument?  Was there a physical altercation?

The MPD Public Affairs told FOX13 in an email the crime was being investigated and there would be no comment, because the case is under investigation.