MPD releases dispatch transmissions from night Darrius Stewart was killed

“Shots fired. I got one down!"

Those were the words former Memphis police Officer Connor Schilling spoke to dispatch after firing the two bullets that took the life of Darrius Stewart on July 17, 2015.

The Memphis Police Department released that recording along with many others from that fatal night over the summer on Saturday, and FOX13’s Marius spent the day digging through all the recordings.

Due to MPD releasing the dispatch transmissions, we can slowly begin to answer about what happened leading up to the deadly shooting of Stewart.

After finding out Stewart had two warrants out for his arrest, dispatch told Schilling to bring Stewart into police custody.

Darrius' mother, Mary Stewart, however, does not agree with a lot of what has been said about her son, including his warrants. She once again made her voice known Saturday in South Memphis.

"Schilling doesn't have a dash cam. That was a lie," she said. "Darrius was a fugitive. That was a lie. He had warrants. Another lie."

“They will extradite on Stewart and you can go ahead and transport him," some of the transcript read.

What happens next is still unclear, but soon Schilling returns to his radio to notify dispatch of the shooting.

“Shots fired. We got one down. Male black. Shot twice. He was shot twice," Schilling said.

More officers then arrive on the scene, but it still unclear to dispatch at that point what exactly happened. And that’s when dispatch begins speaking to those officers after Schilling's radio went silent.

Mary also said the recordings released by a MPD was a "rehearsed" lie.

Below you will find links to the five recordings MPD sent FOX13 from the night of July 17, 2015:

-          Recording 1

-          Recording 2

-          Recording 3

-          Recording 4

-          Recording 5