New details surface on Memphis rap feud

A Charlotte, North Carolina shooting that led to the arrests of two Memphis men may have connections to an ongoing feud between Memphis rappers.

The shooting happened last weekend in Charlotte at the CIAA Basketball Tournament.

After performing a concert at the Bubble Champagne Lounge Saturday night, members of Memphis rapper Young Dolph’s crew went to a Downtown Charlotte hotel, according to multiple FOX13 sources.

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Khadijah Guy was behind the van that was shot more 40 times.

“Basically, I was sitting in the driver's seat and my cousin was sitting right here. And as you can see right here, this is where the bullet hit,” Guy said.

Police arrested Derek Bolton, Howard Wright and Kevin Thompson. Bolton and Wright are from Memphis.

“There were two people in the sprinter asleep. They didn't know what happened and we didn't either,” Guy said.

FOX13 learned the two people in the van were also from Memphis. One of the men was Young Dolph’s manager.

In a video filmed by Blac Youngsta Wednesday, you hear Blac and his crew calling Young Dolph by name with heavy weaponry. FOX13 learned from sources this video may be connected to the Saturday shooting in Charlotte.

Residents in this South Memphis neighborhood said it isn’t fair for them to be force to live in an uncomfortable manner due to a rap beef.

"They doing it for likes, but they using Army guns,” Guy said.

Derek Bolton and Howard Wright have not been officially been connected to Blac Youngsta.

MPD told FOX13 as of now, no one in Blac Youngsta's video are facing charges.

FOX13 is still working to learn if the Charlotte Mecklenberg Police Department will use this video to further their investigation.