New information on Operation Jail House Rock

New information about the raid at the Shelby County Corrections Center on Thursday.

The Memphis Police now tell FOX13 staggering amounts of marijuana, pills and cough syrup were not just found only inside the prison, but also confiscated from other locations as well.

Shelby County Corrections Director William Gupton told FOX 13 the day after operation "Jail House Rock" his facility is not over run by contraband.   "We don't experience those kind of numbers when we search and find" said Director Gupton.

Gupton wanted to set the record straight when Memphis Police detectives searched the penal firm they did not leave with huge amounts of contraband.

"The Memphis Police Department can give you more specific information if you need that," said Gupton.

Thursday afternoon, MPD emailed a news release claiming the operation "led to the seizure and recovery of approximately 549.0 grams of marijuana, 9.5 pounds of tobacco products, 4 gallons of promethazine cough syrup, 98 prescription pills, alcoholic beverages, (8) cellular phones, and a pocket knife."

Just after midnight Friday, Memphis Police issued a clarification saying, "All of these items were NOT taken from the jail ... these items were seized and recovered, no specific location was provided."

Director Gupton told FOX13 small amounts of contraband finds its way to the penal farm despite strict policy, training, surveillance, and investigations to track the source.

FOX13 obtained records from Shelby County that show prison staff confiscated from either visitors or inmates 150 cell phones, 27.28 ounces of marijuana, thirty codeine pills and thirty four weapons.

"It's right for the public to know that contraband is a serious problem for all us of here. We don't take it lightly," said Gupton.

The director would not speculate if the twenty one people police questioned are employed at the facility but if they are he wants them punished.

"I don’t like it. We have disciplined folks before and we have terminated them for their behavior" said Gupton.