• Off-duty MPD officer shoots burglary suspect in Southaven


    A Memphis police officer has been relieved of duty after shooting a suspected intruder at a Southaven home.

    The officer was off-duty at the time of the shooting. The fact that he is being relieved of duty is standard procedure for any officer-involved shooting.

    The man who was shot is in “guarded condition” at Regional One, which means he is not out of the woods just yet.

    Neighbors told FOX13 a man tried to break through the back door of the home when the policeman opened fire.

    “Somebody tried to kick in his back door to break in,” neighbor Fred Share told FOX13. “Brian is there with his two young children. What are you going to do? So he shot the guy.”

    Share said he was getting ready for work when he heard his neighbor’s alarm going off.

    “I came outside. A couple police cars were already here, and they were putting up crime tape. When I walked up to the end of our driveway, you could see the legs of a body sticking out. At first I was scared because I thought it was Brian,” Share said.

    Share told FOX13 he was relieved when he saw the family get out of the house.

    “I saw Brian shortly after it started. He had his two young kids. He had a kid under each arm, running across the street to get him to one of the neighbors' houses to get them away from that,” Share said.

    The man who was shot was taken to Regional One, while the off-duty officer and his family are believed to be fine.

    Neighbors told FOX13 several police officers live nearby, and they are prepared if someone chooses to target them.

    “In general, it's as safe a neighborhood as you're going to find any place nowadays,” Beth Share said. “I do feel safe, but when I walk, I still carry my gun, my taser and my pepper spray.”

    “You have a lot of people here who hunt, a lot of people here who carry guns; and Mississippi is probably not a good state to just kick in somebody's door and try to rob them,” Fred Share said.

    Police have not identified the officer at this time.

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