Over 130 units at GMF's Serenity Towers infested with bed bugs

Residents at Serenity Towers told FOX13 they are tired of the scratching and itching from bed bugs.

This comes after Memphis Code Enforcement confirmed more than 130 units in the building are infested with the insects.

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Regina West and Vester Williamson said the restless nights at the facility need to come to an end.

"I sleep in a chair a lot of nights," West said.

West told FOX13 management does very little to hear the concern from residents. But last week, Memphis code enforcement stepped in.

Officers flooded the Global Ministries owned facility to investigate the bed bug problem.

"Our management is important, they're important people. They don't have a lot of time to make appointments to talk to us," West said.

Out of the building's 396 units, 135 units were found to be infested with bed bugs, according to code enforcement.

While FOX13 was at Serenity Towers, we saw a pest control truck. In addition, pieces of furniture had been thrown into a dumpster outside the building.

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Residents said those items were infested with bed bugs.

West told FOX13 her apartment was supposed to be sprayed Thursday, but it was overlooked until later.

"I said it says ‘general pest control,’ and when it says that it means it's every apartment," West said.

Williamson told FOX13 he believes pest control needs to use another method to get rid of the bedbugs.

"I feel that the pest control company that they have is just spraying water. I mean, how can you spray week after week and never kill a damn bug," Williamson said.

Code enforcement has not released an official report on the findings in the building, but they did confirm 135 units are infested with bed bugs.