PHOTOS: Memphis mother shot & killed while holding 1-year-old daughter

PHOTOS: Memphis mother shot & killed while holding 1-year-old daughter

Samara Deshay Ward

A Memphis family is struggling to make sense of a murder-suicide, that claimed the life of a young mother Tuesday night.

"She was a caring person; she was a funny person; she was a loving person; she liked to have fun; she was joyful," the victim’s brother Redd told FOX13.

Unfortunately, her joy was cut short.

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Samara Deshay Ward, 22, was shot to death in the parking lot of her Ashton Hills apartment. Crime scene tape marked the spot where police said a double shooting happened.

"We really can't explain what's really going on,” family member Gregory Robinson said. “It was just hard for everybody, and it's just a memory that we are all going to be stuck with."

Family members are hoping Samara's 1-year-old will forget.

They said the young mother was holding her daughter in her arms, when the child's father pulled a gun shooting Samara. In that moment, the unimaginable became a harsh reality.

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"My best friend died in my arms,” the victim’s best friend Keaira Smith recalled.

Samara was one of 11 kids, who leaves behind a daughter she adored.

Family members told FOX13, what happened was a domestic dispute that took a deadly turn.

“Whether they know it or not, I feel her presence," the victim’s brother said.

The victim's family said they plan to hold a candlelight vigil Thursday night in the same spot where Samara was gunned down.