Preparing your home for potential flooding ahead of heavy rainfall in Mid-South

WATCH: Preparing your home for potential flooding

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Homeowners have a lot of work to do before heavy rain and storms come their way.

City leaders said homeowners need to do their part when it comes to keeping their drains clean.

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Susan Ervin said every time it rains in her neighborhood she worries about one thing.

“The water’s slow to go but the lower parts sometimes get filled with water because of the drains,” said Ervin.

Ervin said when the leaves fall from the trees they get into the drains in her neighborhood.

“It’s what they do, it’s nature,” said Ervin.

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FOX13 noticed an example in a Cordova neighborhood where lot of trash, leaves, and bottles clogged up a drain.

With the rain that’s expected in the forecast, this could create an even bigger problem.

“Sometimes the only time it’s really bad is when they get clogged up on the drains and things start to grow out of there – or you go in to clean them and there’s spiders and stuff,” said Ervin.

Around this time last year FOX13 uncovered several storm drains in South Memphis and Orange Mound that were clogged with leaves and trash. FOX13 counted 10 blocked drains on Kimball Avenue.

“We had all the leaves raked this fall and that’s mainly what you do, our main thing is we’re in a hole and it goes down, so it takes it awhile to dry out,” said Ervin.

Cleaning your gutters is also key to protecting your home during rainy weather. Clogged gutters can lead to foundation problems and roof leaks.

“We just had ours cleaned out, you have to keep your gutters cleaned out,” Ervin said.