Residents ready to move on from closing apartment complexes

The day of transition is coming for the tenants of Tulane and Warren Apartments. Those complexes are shutting down, and that leaves residents scrambling to find housing.

The tenants get housing vouchers, which they then use to find a new home.

"I just got it yesterday and I'm looking,” April McClain, who lives at Tulane Apartments, said.

But at this point, only some of the tenants have received the vouchers. And once you do get one, the clock starts and you only have 60 days to find a new place to live.

"They gave us plenty of websites to go on that accept Section 8, so it's looking up for us,” McClain said.

Leasing Angels helps tenants find suitable housing has already assisted 50 people since Friday.

"They are quality houses,” Nannette Bean of Leasing Angels told FOX13. “They meet my standards (of) something I would live in. And the only way I would refer somebody else to live in it (is) if I would love it."

Leasing Angels considers itself a residential matchmaking company that has over 1100 available rental properties, including Section 8 housing. They work hand-in-hand with the Memphis Housing Authority to help find available housing, and the process is free.

"People literally come into the office and they can go to our work station and they can find the properties on their own or we can assist them,” Bean said. “You know it's just like a one stop shop."

Bean expects to be swamped in the very near future with tenants looking for a new start. When asked if demand would exceed supply, she told FOX13 there is not a chance.

"We have so many people being added to our network daily, I really don't see any difficulties arising to be honest with you,” Bean said.

FOX13 spoke to some other tenants at Tulane Apartments who did want to appear on camera. They said they are for once excited about the developments and looking forward to a better life moving forward.