• Restaurant openings helping to boost Memphis economy

    By: Shelby Sansone


    The restaurant industry is not only booming nationally, but in in the Memphis area.

    Andrew Ticer and  Michael Hudman opened Catherine and Mary’s, their fifth restaurant, on Tuesday. It is the fourth in Memphis.

    “The food scene in Memphis is awesome,” Hudman said. “Everything is just kind of happening at the right time.”

    Catherine and Mary's is one of many restaurants opening in the area. Slider Inn said they are adding a location on South Main, two new restaurants are adding to the Collierville Square, Shelby Farms recently opened The Kitchen on their property, and Char is set to open next month on Highland Row. 

    We also talked to Rhodes Assistant Professor of Marketing Denis Khantimirov to see how this trend can affect other aspects of the Memphis economy.

    “If were trying to turn Memphis into a foodie destination, I think it will help the overall economy,” Khantimirov said.

    He said it can help other aspects of Memphis that are on the rise too.

    “I think that Memphis is on the distinct path of revival as a major tourist destination here, and I think that the restaurant industry is booming simply because this will be one of those initial steps for Memphis to redefine and rediscover its own identity,” he said.

    The Memphis Restaurant Association told FOX13 there is a lot of diversity in the new restaurants. They said it is exciting that Memphis is becoming known as a, “food town”.

    “We have a lot of young people coming up in the cooking ranks doing a lot of cool stuff, and it’s just fun to be a part of the food movement right now,” Hudman said.

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