Search continues for missing 2-year-old Noah Chamberlin

During day six of the search for Noah Chamberlin, investigators said they still had not found a trace of the 2-year-old in the Chester County woods where he disappeared.

“We gave the dogs underwear, shoes, and teddy bears,” Tom Mapes, a spokesperson for the sheriff’s office said. “Sniffed them out, sic ‘em out. And what do we get? Nothing.”

Noah Chamberlin disappeared during a nature walk with his grandmother Thursday afternoon. Sheriff Blair Weaver told FOX13 the family has cooperated with the investigation.

“We have interviewed the entire family multiple times,” Weaver said. “We verified their statements. We can find no reason to discredit them.”

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Weaver, Fire Chief Eric Turner and Edwin Grant from the National Center of Missing and Exploited Children held a press conference at 4 p.m. Tuesday.

Here are the key takeaways:

  • The search for the toddler will be scaled back Tuesday night. Authorities will not allow volunteers to help because weather conditions are too dangerous.
  • The search was referred to as "one of the most thorough searches I've ever seen" by Edwin Grant.
  • Family members are cooperating with the investigation, and law enforcement has no reason to suspect foul play.
  • Multiple neighbors told FOX13 they have been questioned by FBI and law enforcement. Weaver said it is standard procedure for law enforcement to canvas the community in cases of this nature.
  • Authorities say the family voluntarily opened their doors to law enforcement officials, who searched the family's homes for the missing child.

Noah Chamberlin was last seen in the woods behind his grandparent’s home on Short Road in Pinson. His parents’ home is in a nearby community known as Beech Bluff. Both homes have been searched, according to law enforcement.

This is still a search and rescue mission, and law enforcement officials say they remain hopeful they will find Noah in the woods alive.

“Chester County Sheriff Weaver, his mindset has been, and still is, search and rescue,” Mapes said. “Faith. He’s alive. Let’s get him.”

Local churches organized a vigil for Noah at Chester County High School. The vigil is scheduled for 6:30 Wednesday night.

Noah was added to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children's website this week.