Sinkhole raises concerns in Cordova

A massive sinkhole has been plaguing one Cordova community for over a year.

The city of Memphis has placed signs around it, warning of its dangers. But, according to engineers, it’s not their problem.

Justin Miskey lives near the hole and posed the question, "If the city's not responsible for fixing it. Why are they leaving their property in my yard?"

He documented the damage done by what he said is a drainage system that's in desperate need of an upgrade.

“One of the biggest problems I believe are these trees that are growing inside the fence line. Which they've already stated that anything inside that fence line is their property."

Miskel contacted the city's drainage engineers and FOX13 obtained those emails from the engineers stating that the sinkhole is the city's responsibility. But the city's public works department disagreed.

"The Public Works Department comes out here. It's a foreman. I don't know his name. He's a supervisor. He keeps coming out here and he is as rude as can be and says nah. This isn’t our problem. That fence is the only thing I’m worried about," Miskel said.

FOX13 contacted the City about this issue. They said the drainage engineers and the public works department share a floor in the same building yet, they haven't agreed on whose responsibility it is to fix the sink hole.

FOX13 was told that Public Works Director Robert Knecht is currently reviewing all the information and is expected to speak with FOX13 about the issue on Tuesday. As for Miskel, he just wants this sinkhole fixed properly.