• Students met with increased police presence after wearing black to school

    By: Zach Crenshaw


    Black clothing prompted an increased police presence at Collierville High School Wednesday.

    Instead of dressing up in patriotic clothing for the schools "America Day," students wore black to make a statement.

     A spokesperson with the Shelby County Sheriff's Office told FOX13 extra deputies were on campus as a precaution because there were rumors of an after school fight. Collierville Police were also on campus, but the Collierville High School did not call any police.

    Students who wore the black clothes say the rumors were unfounded, and that the decision to dress in black was just a statement.

    "We all wore black because black lives matter," said Artavious Morris.

    It was a quiet statement that provoked a loud response.

    When students, like Artavious, Brennan, Sami, and Jordan got out of school, they were surprised by the amount of police outside.

    "After school they thought we were going to have a riot with the other students. And they had extra police officers, security guards and everything after school. We couldn't even take a picture up the street, they followed us...everywhere, legit everywhere," said Morris.

    "It wasn't even called for because we mess with the white people," said Sami Thames.

    The students Caucasian classmates had mixed reactions.

    "I know some white kids that said we support y'all, I thank y'all for wearing black," said Thames.

    Others were not supportive at all.

    "We said we were going to be the bigger person about it," said Thames. "Some dude [on Twitter] said, tell the police to shoot us. And some dude put the Confederate flag up. It doesn't bother us at all, we just live on."


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