Students protest at Trezevant High after football team has to forfeit games

Frustration and disappointment filled Trezevant High School on Friday.

The students and athletes found out yesterday all football games are being forfeited until an investigation is complete

The investigation comes after grade discrepancies were reported by the high school to the Shelby County School Corporation.

Friday afternoon some students even walked out of school.

Students tell FOX13 that the head football coach, a basketball coach, and the school’s records secretary have all been fired.

The school corporation and coaches themselves are not saying much in the wake of what the school is calling a 'serious' and 'unfortunate' situation.

Many students left school Friday in a not-so-silent protest.

"I walked out, they don't care," said Alorea Hardwick, a sophomore.

"I don't think it's fair that we should have to forfeit our games and that really is bothering the seniors," Eric Word, a freshman at Trezevant.

Word is a young freshman. Kennal Travis, on the other hand, is ending his four years of high school, and potentially his basketball career.

"They took everything away now, this is my last year. I need something to do," said Travis. "They're leaving us with nothing man."

What happens during Trezevant’s basketball season remains to be seen. The volleyball team is still playing their games right now - but the football season is forfeiting until an investigation is complete.

Students say it’s common knowledge head football coach Teli White has been fired.

Coach White spoke to FOX13 on the phone and said he has “no comment, because an investigation is ongoing.”

Coach White said he is willing to talk once the investigation complete.

Superintendent Dorsey Hopson was at the high school Friday. School board members say his presence helped ease student’s anxiety.

"He did explain some things to them, they were able to ask questions and he was able to answer them. So I think that alleviated a lot of the stress," said Stephanie Love, school board member for district three.

Some students though, say they won’t be happy until the football team is back on the field.

"I feel like it should've been reported a long time ago and they should've done something about it a long time ago before we get so far into what we work so hard for and then to get it taken away," said Word.

The corporation said the grade discrepancies were discovered and reported after an internal academic review.

The principal and his staff caught the error when making sure every student have courses for graduation.

Trezevant High School has a 49% graduation rate, which improved 16% in the 2014-15 school year.

That rate is still well under the district, state, and national averages.