The connection between Lorenzen Wright and alleged killer Billy Turner

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — FOX13 has learned more about Bill Turner, the man who was arrested Tuesday for the murder of Lorenzen Wright.

Bill Turner lived in a quiet neighborhood, on a dead-end street in Raleigh.

WATCH: Surveillance video shows the moment Billy Turner was arrested in Collierville

We spoke with a neighbor who knew him, and he told us after he realized why the police were at Turner's house, he couldn't believe it.

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"I thought it was something like a bust, like drugs or something like that, and then when I looked around and saw all the tape across the street, I realized something bad has happened over there."

The neighbor who did not want to be identified said he was home when police arrived on his street.

His curiosity grew until he watched the news and found out why police were at Bill Turner's house, and then he really couldn't believe it.

"I'm praying that he just didn't have anything to do with it, you know? He just had a newborn baby, and that was the last time I talked to him about a couple weeks ago."

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Turner was arrested for the murder of former NBA star and Memphis native Lorenzen Wright, but the neighbor told us it's hard to believe the man who is now behind bars at 201 Poplar, is the same man he knew.

"He was a good hard worker. I'm talking about he cut grass and he did everything. He would help you if you needed it and he was a good guy. I'm talking this really was a shock, shocking to me."

The neighbor told us both he and Turner are religious men, deacons at different churches. His feelings are now aimed at Turner's family and the family of Lorenzen Wright, and he is leaning on his faith to help him make sense of what's happened.

"I'm praying that he didn't do it, and I just hope they get the facts, and I hope the Wright family, what they're looking for too as far as getting past their loss."

The neighbor told FOX13 although he is in disbelief, if Turner did commit this crime, he hopes justice will be served.

Three sources told FOX13 Billy Turner worked at the Wright home and did yard work. Additionally, Turner's mother worked as a nanny for Wright's family.

According to the TBI, Turner was arrested and convicted of violent crimes back in the 1990's.

Collierville police arrested Turner for aggravated assault and aggravated kidnapping back in 1992.

Lorenzen Wright Murder Case

During the same year, police arrested him for selling cocaine and was sentenced to four years in prison.

In 1996, police in Collierville arrested him for criminal trespass. 15 years later, police picked him up on minor traffic violations.

Turner openly proclaims his Christian faith on social media. We discovered Turner was a deacon at Mount Olive Number One Baptist Church, a church attended by Lorenzen Wright and his ex-wife.