The "domino effect" of violent crime in Memphis

19 people have lost their lives as a result of violent crime in Memphis, so far this year.

Many of those crimes involve young men and women. The incidents have happened in Frayser, Raleigh and a number of other pockets of the community.

Delvin Lane is a former gang member who turned his life around years ago. He grew up on the streets and understands the people who live on them.

He said many times, one murder can lead to another.

“Retaliatory violence is serious,” Lane said. “And once one person is shot, it's usually a domino effect.”

In the first 2016 days of 2016, 19 people have been killed in violent crimes.

One of the most recent homicides happened Monday night at a motel in Whitehaven. A man was shot and killed at the American Inn, and nobody has been arrested.

There was a second shooting the same night at the Pleasant View Apartments in Frayser. A man was shot and killed, and police said three men in their early 20’s were seen driving away.

“We have to get these guns away from our kids, so we can stop these kind of actions,” Lane said.

Many of the 2016 homicide victims have been teens or men and women in their 20’s.

Several of those arrested have also been young men and women. These are people Lane said need to understand the consequences of violent crime.

“Prison is real. These grown men crimes you committing come with grown men sentences,” Lane told FOX13. “And when you get in there, it's going to be a lifestyle that you don't want to deal with.”