‘This is what Jesus would want:’ Memphis Christian rappers going on tour

WATCH: 'This is what Jesus would want:' Memphis Christian rappers going on tour

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Four Christian rappers who went viral after performing at a local Juvenile Detention center are going on tour.

One of the rappers said this has been a dream of his for a very long time.

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He said it’s important to reach out to teens in jail to let them know they can turn their lives around.

The group will perform for juvenile detention centers across the Mid-South: in Hernando, Memphis and other cities.

“We are simply bringing Jesus to jails juveniles and every place alike,” said Malik Johnson.

Malik Johnson, also known as MKJ, said it’s hard to believe it all started with a positive post.

A picture of the four christian rappers who changed lives by performing at the Shelby County Juvenile Detention Center.

“Me and the others came together said we are going to do this right do this together and do it to glorify god.”

Johnson said they aren’t doing this for the publicity, but to make a difference.

“There is a different level of humility hits you when you do it in front of people who have nothing but the gospel... This is what Jesus would want its what he called us to do to give it to people who need it the most."

The group will perform at the Shelby County Criminal Justice Center Jan. 31, then go to Somerville in February.