Tragedy taking a toll on students at Booker T Washington

Two seniors at Booker T Washington high School have been recent victims of violence in Memphis.

Quanisha Sims and Myneisha Johnson were both shot.

Sims was shot in the chest while getting ready to go to her senior prom. And luckily, she survived.

Johnson was gunned down early Sunday morning on Second and Peabody while celebrating a friend’s graduation. She did not survive.

Dominique Noel has children at the high school. She told FOX13 the recent violence is too much for students.

"It’s a lot grief on the kids because I can truly say that she was truly loved in the community," Noel said.

Pastor Noel Hutchinson of First Baptist Church, Lauderdale told FOX13 the grief may affect the learning environment, even in the last days of the school year.

"To be quite candid with you, there's been a lot of grief in this neighborhood," Pastor Hutchinson said.

Pastor Hutchinson has worked with the school before in similar situations. He said the reality of having two students shot would make all the other students think about the possibility of losing their life at any time.

"The reality is when you're in a neighborhood like this, a lot of times some of that is at the back of your mind," Pastor Hutchinson said.

"It's not only the kids. I'm scared because I have kids in the community too, and kids at BTW," Noel said.

Quenisha Sims is still recovering from here injuries.

Seniors at the school will graduate Saturday. A school employee told FOX13 grief counselors will be at the school throughout the entire week for students.