Alabama man accused of leaving toddler in car while he stole blender from Walmart

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — An Alabama man is accused of leaving a toddler in a hot car for an hour while he shoplifted a blender from a Walmart.

Travis Gill Sasser, 27, was arrested Tuesday and charged with fourth-degree theft and third-degree domestic violence, according to the Madison County Sheriff's Office.

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Police officials in Huntsville said Sasser left his son -- who is just under 2 years old -- in a vehicle Monday afternoon at the Walmart, WHNT reported. Sasser then went into the store and allegedly stole a $259 blender, the television station reported.

According to police, Sasser ran out of the store, put the blender in the car and locked it, WHNT reported. Sasser then realized he did not have his keys, and seeing his son in the car, called 911, the television station reported. Police said Sasser had dropped his keys while running out of the store.

After looking at surveillance video at the store, police determined Sasser had been in the Walmart for an hour while his son remained in the car, WHNT reported.

Sasser's son was taken to an area hospital and released after an evaluation, Huntsville police Lt. Michael Johnson told