Body of child found in frozen Colorado pond during search for missing boy

AURORA, Colo. — Since 6-year-old David Puckett was reported missing on New Year's Eve, police in Aurora, Colorado, have been searching for the boy with the help of the FBI.

Police announced Tuesday that the search may be over after they found a child's body frozen under a pond two blocks from the Pucketts' home.

“We found the body of what appears to be a child inside the pond underneath the ice,” Aurora Police Chief Nick Metz said Tuesday at an emotional press conference. “At this time, we are not able to give a definitive identification on that individual.”

Metz said that while it will take time to confirm the identity of the child, he has informed the Puckett family of their findings.

“Because of our suspicion, I had the unfortunate experience of having to inform David’s family of what we found,” he said. “We did let the family know that it was going to take some time before we could have a positive identification on the person.”

Stephanie Puckett, David’s mother, said Sunday that she feared the worst.

"David, he is a good kid," she said, according to KCNC. "I am worried, with how cold it is, that something really bad might have happened to him."

She said her son was wearing a thin coat.

Police say the boy had wandered away from home before.

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At this time, authorities do not suspect foul play.