Do you think your food delivery person samples your food? You may not be wrong survey says

Before you make that lunch or dinner order, consider this new survey.

Restaurant food supplier US Foods reached out to consumers and delivery people about their habits and pain points when it comes to ordering and delivering food through apps like DoorDash and Grubhub.

The group asked about how long people will wait for an order and how much they tip among other topics.

But one question and answer pair may be unnerving for those who are doing the ordering.

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It seems that of the nearly 500 delivery drivers who took part in the survey, 28% of them had tried some of the food they were tasked to deliver, the "Today" show reported.

And it has been noticed by customers, with 21% of those receiving the meal think has been sampled before delivery, the survey found.

The delivery personnel worked for at least one third-party food delivery company and have a median age of 30.

US Foods asked 1,518 adults who use the same services.

Many of the customers surveyed said they would like a "tamper-evident label" on their food, Delish reported.

The survey showed UberEats is the most popular, with Grubhub, DoorDash and Postmates filling out the top four. It also found that people will, on average, wait about 40 minutes for an estimated delivery time, the survey found.

They're also willing to pay for the service. The average of how much when it comes to the delivery fee, service fee and a tip is about $8.50, US Foods found.

Delivery people also have shared their pain points when it comes to the job. Some said they are upset when it comes to customers not answering phones or how long it takes to get to the customer's location, but their worst complaints are a low or no tip and when the restaurant takes too long to make the meal.