• Father reports son after teen admits to 250 car break-ins

    By: Natalie Dreier, Cox Media Group National Content Desk


    A Houston father took a stand against crime and turned in his own son after the 18-year-old admitted that he broke into hundreds of cars and stole guns.

    T. Daniels was speaking to his son Christian when the younger Daniels showed him a bag with a 9mm handgun inside, KTRK reported. His son showed him paperwork that allegedly went with the gun, and what was written on it surprised the father.

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    “He put the camera closer to the paperwork and it said Houston Police Department. So, that really kind of ticked me off for him to even have a gun, and then you’re going to steal one from a police officer, at that,” Daniels told KTRK.

    Christian told his father that he broke into a car and took the bag that contained police gear, according to court documents. The records also said that he told his father that he broke in to 250 other cars over a week, targeting jogging areas, malls and other parking lots, KTRK reported.

    Daniels said it felt like it was his duty to report his son to police, who was charged with theft of a firearm and unlawful carrying of a weapon, KTRK reported.



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