Indiana church pays off almost $8 million in medical debt for thousands of families

$8 million in medical debt erased by Indiana church, thousands of families benefit

CARMEL, Ind. — A church in central Indiana paid millions of dollars to resolve the medical bills of 6,000 families across the state.

Northview Church in Carmel worked with RIP Medical Debt, which buys medical bills for pennies on the dollar, and used $7.8 million to help pay off health care bills for people in 10 communities, according to WLKY-TV.

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The church has been working on the debt settlement for months.

It first raised $20,000 with the initial goal of paying off $2 million in debt, but other religious organizations got involved and helped them raise much more, WTHR-TV reported.

In some cases the church said it was able to erase medical bills for entire cities in Indiana.