Man who received 'diabetes here I come' message on Starbucks cup speaks out

ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. — A Starbucks customer from Florida complained after receiving a message on his drink order that read, “diabetes here I come.”

The controversy  is getting global attention after WJAX first reported on it last week.

That customer, Scott Boone, no longer wants to remain anonymous. He spoke only with WJAX reporter Kaitlyn Chana about why he wants the conversation surrounding diabetes to continue.

“Treat people with respect – none of my customers and none of my friends would appreciate me doing the same thing,” Boone said.

Boone said he’s always had a sweet tooth and once in a while, he likes ordering a 16-ounce white mocha with added “classic syrup.”

“That’s already a sweet drink. Besides the calories it already has a lot of sugar, so I’ve always ordered it,” Boone said.

Boone works in the same plaza as the Starbucks. Last week, he had an employee place a call and pick up Starbucks coffee for staff members. That employee walked to the Starbucks and picked up the orders. Meanwhile, Boone’s was the only one with a comment.

WJAX was the first to show you Boone’s written response back to the baristas. He said he was standing up for his sisters, who suffer from type 1 diabetes.

“They were probably shocked that I did it as I was that I got the cup,” Boone said.

Last week, we took our questions to store manager Kent Miller and Boone said Miller, along with the district and regional manager, were very apologetic.

“They said if they were out front when it happened, it would have been a teaching point,” said Boone.

Boone said he’ll order from Starbucks in the future and will continue to order a grande white mocha with extra sugar.

WJAX has reached out to Starbucks for comment about what will happen to the barista who wrote this message.